29 November 2023


TMT Predictions 2024


The emergence of multiple trends that could help humans think better and faster, grapple with climate change, and convert billions of users to billions of dollars promise to make 2024 a standout year for TMT. Three clear themes highlight this year's report: generative AI, sustainability, and monetization. Predictions explores these themes in depth while covering critical issues affecting tech, media and telecommunications.

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Telecom and technology


Data science, analytical, or survey support was provided by Rhagavan Alevoor, Jana Arbanas, Chris Arkenberg, Brooke Auxier, Shalini Bhatia, Ariane Bucaille, Alfons Buxó Ferrer, Amy Clarke, Gillian Crossan, Ankit Dhameja, Valeria Gallo, Pete Giorgio, Adam Gogarty, Rohan Gupta, Eytan Hallside, Jennifer Haskel, David Jarvis, Duncan Stewart, Bariş Sarer, Jeff Loucks, Christie Simons, Brandon Kulik, Michelle Lee, Paul Lee, Dan Littmann, Lucia Lucchini, Bree Matheson, Hanish Patel, Sriram Prakash, Karthik Ramachandran, Ben Stanton, Michael Steinhart, Dieter Trimmel, Cindy Varga, and Kevin Westcott.

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