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Distressed debt and asset services in today’s environment

Solutions for investors, lenders, and borrowers

Deloitte has an integrated, multi-disciplinary team of professionals with significant downturn experience dedicated to advising investors, lenders, and borrowers across the full spectrum of analyzing decisions and executing on strategies related to distressed debt and assets. Learn more about our representative engagements in each category.

Learn more about today's environment

As the financial services industry reacts to the financial impacts resulting from the pandemic, there is no precedent on how the current environment will impact real estate.

Download the pdf: COVID-19 distressed debt: Investors

Download the pdf: COVID-19 distressed debt: Lenders

Download the pdf: COVID-19 distressed debt: Borrowers

Download the pdf: COVID-19 distressed debt: Across financial services

Potential challenges and opportunities

Pursuing strategies around distressed debt and assets may create new opportunities as well as unique challenges. A properly constructed roadmap can help mitigate risk and maximize the value of the assets. Some of the following situations may require careful attention:

Focused on your objectives

Deloitte’s Distressed Debt and Asset Services professionals focus on our client’s specific objectives to help them design strategies and deliver solutions to enable clients to address their complex needs. When analyzing and planning distressed debt and asset related activity, we identify four areas of focus to maximize value. We can customize our services for one or all phases described below, based on clients' needs.

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How we help provide broad-based solutions

The right team with the right experience

As a leading advisor to companies with distressed assets, Deloitte helps clients create opportunities for liquidity, growth, and long-term advantage. Our professionals have the technical and industry experience to provide unbiased advice and the necessary perspective to help companies considering distressed asset strategies. Our team has extensive experience gained through past financial downturns to rapidly mobilize professionals with the right knowledge across discplines and industries to advise borrowers, lenders, and investors to assist them in achieving their immediate and long-term needs in this challenging environment.

COVID: Distressed debt – Cross FSI – Case studies

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