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Supply Chain Management in Government

Mastering the art of government resilience

Government and public service organizations are unlocking the true potential of supply chain management as they strive to deliver value to the public more efficiently and effectively. In fact, to remain resilient in times of disruption, mission-ready organizations ensure operations and supply chain management practices are set up for success—enabling them to thrive now and in the future.

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Deloitte helps government and public service organizations optimize supply chain performance and navigate digital disruption, offering critical insights and optimized processes. Our services and solutions empower end-to-end, data-driven redesign and digitization of supply-network functions, better preparing organizations for tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities.

Digital Supply Network Strategy, Insights, and Advanced Technology Solutions 
Help leaders drive mission performance with more resilient and secure supply chains while improving operational effectiveness and efficiency within organizations. Enabled by advanced technologies, including IoT and blockchain, Deloitte helps its government clients address end-to-end digital supply network process transformation and supply chain illumination. Anticipate tomorrow’s challenges with advanced analytics, real-time visibility, artificial intelligence, and cognitive solutions.

Manufacturing Strategy and Smart Operations
Define value through improved manufacturing footprints, deploy operational excellence solutions, and design and  implement smart operational solutions that drive productivity and asset efficiency.


Regulated Products
Modernize oversight for marijuana, hemp, tobacco, and alcohol. Strengthen supply chain optimization and insights to inform public health, safety, and increase revenue. Drive data-based decision making, education, and enforcement through analytics. Advance transparency and communication for product testing and recall. Connect regulatory details between federal, state, and local governments.

Supply Management and Digital Procurement
Create a continuous flow of data, information, goods, and services between the physical and digital worlds.

Synchronized Planning and Fulfillment
Develop integrated business and operational planning solutions that synchronize the flow and delivery of products, materials, and services through the supply network while optimizing inventory.

Energy Reform
Develop tailored strategies and support unique project and program executions, enabling the extraction of full value from power and utility operations.



Deloitte can help you illuminate supply networks to address today’s challenges and identify tomorrow’s opportunities—providing a platform for generating critical insights, optimizing business processes, and automating supply chain activities across your value chain.


Using CentralSight™, Deloitte helps solve what is fundamentally the most challenging problem in supply chain risk management: the ability to visualize a 12-tiers-deep, thousands-of-companies-large, geographically disaggregated, and functionally specialized supplier ecosystem in a time-sensitive, cost-effective manner.

Supply chains are dynamic, not static, constantly evolving over time. CentralSight™ helps prevent supply chain disruptions before they occur—saving money, protecting brand, and radically increasing supply chain integrity and security.

Control Tower

Ensuring that life-sustaining commodities, like food and medicine, quickly get into the right hands is more critical than ever for public sector organizations. Deloitte’s Supply Chain Control Tower is an integrated set of tools and techniques that allow leaders to proactively manage their end-to-end supply chains in real time and achieve new efficiencies through connected visibility, proactive exception management, and predictive insights.

Tailored to specific client needs, it enables organizations to distinguish the critical issues from business as usual through an insights and decision support platform. It can be used to address many issues within the supply chain to deliver tangible benefits: asset efficiency, enhanced risk mitigation, and increased responsiveness—all for enhanced mission impact.

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