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Deloitte's Center for Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT Center) conducts research and develops insights to help business leaders see their options more clearly. Beneath the surface of new technologies and trends, the TMT Center's research can help executives simplify complex business issues and frame smart questions. The TMT Center can help executives better discern risk and reward, capture opportunities, and solve tough challenges amid the rapidly evolving TMT landscape.

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Deloitte’s TMT Center challenges assumptions about consumer behavior and identifies specific trends shaping the future of computing, consumption, and connectivity. Browse the topics below to explore more of our research.

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About the Center

​In a world where speed, agility, and the ability to spot hidden opportunities can separate leaders from laggards, delay is not an option. Deloitte's Center for Technology, Media & Telecommunications helps organizations detect risks, understand trends, navigate tough choices, and make wise moves.

While adopting new technologies and business models normally carries risk, our research helps clients take smart risks and avoid the pitfalls of following the herd—or sitting on the sidelines. We cut through the clutter to help businesses drive technology innovation and uncover sustainable business value. Armed with the Center's research, TMT leaders can efficiently explore options, evaluate opportunities, and determine whether it's advantageous to build, buy, borrow, or partner to attain new capabilities.

The Center is backed by Deloitte LLP's breadth and depth of knowledge—and by its practical TMT industry experience. Our TMT-specific insights, and world-class capabilities help clients solve the complex challenges our research explores. Now, you have access to select research and resources that can help you see risk differently, act with confidence, and command your future.

Get to know our executive director, Dr. Jeff Loucks

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