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Crunchy questions for sticky issues

Using analytics to outsmart competitors

​If you're interested in using advanced analytics to produce business results in less than a hundred days, this book is for you. Just be prepared to peel away the hype to see analytics in all its grubby, geeky, potentially revolutionary glory.

Crunchy questions

Business analytics is the practice of using data to manage information and performance - and make smarter decisions. It can apply to almost any “sticky” business issue, but most organizations tend to focus on five main areas of decision-making and operations:  customer, supply chain, finance, workforce, and risk. The world is more complex today - businesses have to consider the entire ecosystem in which they exist, including social, economic, environmental, and political currents that would have seemed outside their purview not so long ago.  That puts business analytics in the center of the action.

That's where crunchy questions come in to lay the groundwork for action. They are practical, detailed inquiries into tough business issues - roll-up-your-sleeves questions for people who don't have time to mess around with fluff.
Learn more about how business analytics can deliver uncommon insights and breakout value. It all starts with asking crunchy questions - and ends with getting answers you can trust.

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