Leaders share their real-world AI innovations

Technology and the AI-fueled organization

As artificial intelligence continues to evolve, how are leaders taking advantage of its benefits? That’s the question we’re answering in our series, “The AI-fueled Organization.” Business leaders from different industries share real-world experiences, strategies for AI innovation, and opportunities for the future of AI technology.

The AI-fueled Organization series

We’re entering a new chapter in AI innovation: Capabilities are advancing, it’s easier to develop and implement AI technology, and companies are seeing tangible benefits from adoption. AI has helped solve a wide range of business problems, from managing and automating IT infrastructure, to gleaning new insights about customers, to identifying and responding to cyberthreats, to helping guide medical decisions, to improving the hiring process. And organizations are becoming AI-fueled, integrating AI technology into the fabric of business.

Join Nitin Mittal, Deloitte’s AI leader, every month as he discusses real-world case studies, best practices and innovations, and lessons learned with leaders across different industries.

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Deloitte AI Institute

The Deloitte AI Institute helps organizations connect all the different dimensions of the robust, highly dynamic and rapidly evolving AI ecosystem. The AI Institute leads conversations on applied AI innovation across industries, with cutting-edge insights, to promote human-machine collaboration in the "Age of With".

The Deloitte AI Institute aims to promote the dialogue and development of artificial intelligence, stimulate innovation, and examine challenges to AI implementation and ways to address them.

The AI Institute collaborates with an ecosystem composed of academic research groups, start-ups, entrepreneurs, innovators, mature AI product leaders, and AI visionaries, to explore key areas of artificial intelligence including risks, policies, ethics, future of work and talent, and applied AI use cases.

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