Take a walk with us through a thriving, evergreen enterprise. Here you find veins of efficiency pulsing with energy and sustaining connections across people, processes and technologies. You find an ecosystem of supporting platforms and vendors, all fed by shared resources and striving toward common goals. You find constant evolution as sprouts of innovation take root and expand the edges of what’s possible. And you find growth everywhere you look.

In an evergreen enterprise, all of this happens naturally, organically, automatically. It does so because the business and its ecosystem are fed by a liquid asset that flows everywhere and energizes everything: data. By designing systems and processes that constantly source and refresh new data and channel it to drive up-to-the-minute insights and actions, evergreen companies are able to flourish through every season, weather storms and foresee what’s on the horizon. The DNA of these companies intertwines the best of people working with machines to make smarter, faster moves based on human knowledge with artificial intelligence, machine learning with creative inspiration, automation with intuition.

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Evergreen principles

  • Continuously cultivate data as an investible asset.
  • Automate with intelligence by putting AI in the hands of your people.
  • Embed continuous improvements.
  • Connect to innovate.
  • Scale and accelerate on demand.

Every business leader aspires to cultivate an evergreen enterprise. Many are planting the seeds here and there—for example, by undertaking a customer data modernization project or launching an AI innovation lab focused on finance operations.

Those are important moves. But too often, many fail to harvest measurable business value due to legacy ways of working and measuring progress, siloed technologies and teams, a stagnant ecosystem of partnerships or other issues.

In this paper we dig into the common challenges that businesses face on the path to sustainable, value-driving AI and data operations; and map out an evolved—and ever evolving—ecosystem model for the evergreen enterprise.

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In order to accelerate your business along the path, here are some questions to ask:

  • Are we investing in the right ways to make data ready, fresh and available?
  • Do we have the right governance, processes, security and operating model around data?
  • Are people across the organization aware of the data we have? Have we broken down the silos that stand in the way of sharing data and insights?
  • Is our talent productive? Are they working on the “what-matters most” needs of the business?
  • When was the last time we reviewed our service level agreements? Are those agreements driving clear business outcomes or are we simply “counting tickets”?
  • Do we view our vendors as partners? Do our vendors view us as customers or as partners? What mindsets and agreements need to change in order to strengthen those connections?
  • How are we assessing and addressing data and technology challenges that arise through mergers, acquisitions and/or divestitures?

A thicket of challenges

Established companies face common struggles as they move along the path toward evergreen operations. These include constant change, a shortage of talent that stunts innovation and legacy ways of operating that don’t support the new ways of growing.

Your ability to generate sustainable growth depends on mastering the interplay between people, data, automation and AI. This is a core operational challenge for many companies going forward—and also the most important opportunity across industries. Those that succeed will be positioned to not just drive business growth but set the trajectory of markets. Trouble is, if you plant the wrong seeds in the wrong places—or if you fail to carefully cultivate what you’ve planted—you may wind up stuck in a thicket.

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