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Short Takes...on Analytics

In this blog, our Deloitte Analytics leaders share their reflections and insights on leveraging analytics to improve operations and drive smarter decisions.


Big data meets small data

Enabled by the constant march of technological progress, we are now able to collect and analyze once overwhelming quantities of data and so discern melodie


Putting business analytics to work

Our take

There’s a lot of hype around analytics, so how do you distinguish fact from fiction? That’s where the Our Take video series comes in. You’ll get a quick hit of practical thinking on business analytics along with insights from the front lines on how leading organizations are putting business analytics to work. Take a look and see what rings true for you.

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Deloitte Analytics labs

The Deloitte Analytics Labs help business leaders discover what the science, technology and application of business analytics can deliver in practice. 


Deloitte Analytics

Our business analytics specialists look inside data to help create and refine strategies for delivering insights that yield informed business decisions.


Analytics in Action: Customer

Turn customer and prospect demographic, transaction and preference data into actionable insights.


Forrest Danson

Principal | Deloitte Consulting LLP


Jerry O’Dwyer

US Social Impact Service Line leader