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3D opportunity for aerospace and defense

The aerospace and defense industry is increasingly using additive manufacturing to reduce material costs, decrease labor content, and increase availability of parts at point of use, which may have a dramatic impact on the supply chain.


Aerospace & defense cost management

Learn about advanced analytical tools and innovative techniques that help manufacturing companies enhance traditional cost management strategies.


Aerospace and Defense

Delivering industry insights

​Bringing deep cross-sector experience to your most complicated challenges, Deloitte's Aerospace and Defense (A&D) industry professionals have demonstrated insight extending to aerospace, commercial aircraft, business and general aviation, and defense.

About Deloitte’s Aerospace & Defense practice

Deloitte is a leading presence in the A&D industry, providing services to more than 95% of the Fortune 500 and more than 80% of the Fortune 1000 A&D companies through more than 600 professionals.1

Many of our practitioners have worked in the A&D industry and/or the military prior to joining our organization and have deep industry experience across many sectors. The level of experience and connectivity of these practitioners allows us to provide insights and observations regarding the latest in commercial concepts, technology, and operating procedures in order to address client issues.

1Fortune, May 2014

​Key issues affecting Aerospace & Defense companies

Growth and innovation: A&D companies continue to focus on organic growth, expanding global markets, and growing the top line in a more constrained spending environment such as growth through M&A consolidation of tier-one and tier-two suppliers.

Improving profitability: Companies must cut costs and improve efficiency to remain viable. Likewise they need to innovate products as more competitors enter the global market causing product commoditization.

Program management and execution: Program delays, technical difficulties, supply chain problems, and changing requirements lead to significant cost overruns and lengthy schedule delays, severely affecting profitability. Program management and execution in the A&D industry is becoming a big concern, with high stakes for all.

Regulatory compliance: As accounting standards and business needs continue to evolve, A&D organizations face increasing complexity in meeting their financial reporting requirements from both a U.S. and global perspective.

Talent management: Despite layoffs to reduce costs, A&D organizations are still in dire need of science, technology, machinist, and engineering talent to continue to support future growth. Attracting and retaining critical talent is increasingly viewed as a top strategic issue by C-suite executives, boards of directors, and senior human resources executives.


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Tom Captain

US & Global Aerospace & Defense Leader


John Coykendall

US Consulting Aerospace and Defense Leader


Kevin McFarlane

US Financial Advisory & Corporate Finance Leader


Michael Condro

US A&D Audit & Enterprise Risk Services Leader


Frank Milano

US Advisory Leader | Consumer Products and A&D


Troy Watkinson

US Tax Aerospace & Defense Industry Leader