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​Deloitte Tax LLP practitioners have extensive experience in a wide array of industries and understand the tax implications of specific sector trends, including the exposure you may face and the opportunities available to reduce your tax burden. Learn more about the many tax services we offer and how our in-depth industry experience can benefit your organization both in the United States and abroad.

Consumer and Industrial Products

Consumer and industrial products (C&IP) executives today are challenged to develop new products, serve an ever changing customer base, and expand globally into new markets – all while rationalizing their brands to reduce costs and making their increasingly global supply chains more efficient. All these business imperatives carry vital tax implications. Multiple C&IP industry drivers bring with them multifaceted tax implications, primary among them global tax burden management: the drive for product innovation, cost management and cash flow pressures, and higher energy costs — to name a few. Meanwhile U.S.-based companies must compete with those in flat-tax and tax-incented jurisdictions.

Understanding the intricacies of your company's tax issues and potential opportunities can give your company the edge it needs to become, and stay, competitive. With a multifaceted team of C&IP business industry specialists, Deloitte Tax LLP can help. Rely on the team with deep industry experience, specialized tax knowledge and broad consulting resources—the Deloitte Tax team.
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Energy & Resources

Decreasing supply, fluctuating demand, uncertain regulations — today's energy and resources companies balance numerous challenges, nearly all with tax implications. Overseas exploration opens up potential risks and opportunities. Increased regulatory scrutiny raises the bar for compliance. Now more than ever, tax needs to be a part of critical decisions.

Merger, acquisition and divestiture activity brings with it the need for due diligence, tax structuring and integration. Multinational offices demand global tax burden management, including in-depth knowledge of transfer pricing, customs and duty planning, local taxes, global supply chain management and more. Furthermore, the current regulatory climate that’s keeping tax departments busy likely will become more intense.

If you don’t address certain tax issues, you might be exposing yourself to risk — or overpaying taxes unnecessarily. Our internationally recognized consultants and tax specialists in Houston, Washington, and around the world can help.

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​Financial Services

​Tax executives in the financial services industry face a delicate balancing act in the current environment. Compliance with new and future requirements of the Dodd-Frank Act, Basel III, and FATCA is a challenge. Financial services companies are also addressing industry consolidation and attracting new commercial and retail customers. Most decisions in these areas have tax consequences - some immediate, others longer term. Regardless, your tax department's talent and resources need to be effective enough to meet ever-growing tax compliance and reporting requirements while having enough “bandwidth” for tax planning. At a time when most financial institutions are still very lean, achieving both objectives can be a challenge.

Deloitte Tax LLP can help. With a strong team of financial services industry specialists, supplemented with other tax-technical, technology, and process improvement professionals, we can help you enhance tax operations for greater efficiency and speed while exploring tax planning opportunities along the way.

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Life Sciences & Health Care

​Health care reform legislation may be a primary concern, but it’s not the only issue keeping health plan executives up at night. Uncertain tax positions, continually changing state tax laws, and management of cash taxes are current topics for health plans regardless of size and scope.  Life Sciences companies also face significant obstacles with internal issues from pressure to fuel new products, to successfully managing talent. External issues include government oversight, shareholder activism and the ever-growing number of competitors. Managing tax uncertainty requires a multifaceted understanding of opportunities, risks and your company’s ability to integrate business issues into strategic planning. Deloitte Tax can assist your company, bringing our personal approach, solid track record of service to health plans of all sizes across the country, deep resources of one of the nation’s largest tax practices, and wide range of tax services from general compliance to tax technical niche issues for insurers.

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Technology, Media & Entertainment, and Telecommunications

Media convergence, globalization, and consumer demands have sparked many possible opportunities and challenges for technology, media & entertainment, and telecommunications (TMT) companies — almost all with tax implications. Executives may need to consider the tax consequences of virtually every decision. From product development and service provision to billing and repairs, merger and acquisition and outsourcing strategies, and decisions about offshoring and joint ventures, effective tax planning and compliance may make a valuable difference.

Global markets simply lead to other complexities. This global approach brings complex tax issues, from strategically managing transfer pricing, customs and duty planning, and overall global tax burden, to utilizing R&D incentives, special enterprise zones and other tax credits and incentives.

Managing these complexities requires an integrated team of specialists experienced in the TMT industry and tax — and you need forward thinkers who can look beyond the horizon to the issues of the future. To innovate effectively while maintaining targeted return on investment in this changing landscape, you need a global team of tax specialists with the vision to manage the complexities. Deloitte Tax can help.

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