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Personalizing the customer experience using data, analytics and AI

We live in an era of connection—the consumer marketplace is no exception. Businesses are expected to not just meet the needs of customers, but anticipate and exceed them. Today’s marketplace is constantly fluctuating and it’s vital organizations adapt by harnessing the power of analytics and AI to make the necessary changes to survive and thrive.



Having a robust marketing strategy isn’t enough anymore. As consumer expectations change, competition becomes more advanced, and data is getting more detailed, chief marketing officers (CMOs) are under immense pressure to modernize their approach to marketing.

What are the challenges for a modern-day CMO? Pivoting to a digital-first mindset, using AI to create better, more authentic interactions with customers, and effectively using data technology to push results for their practice are just a few. The solution? A hyper-personalized, AI-powered marketing strategy. It’s time to take things personally..

Our report outlines the benefits of advancing to a hyper-personalized marketing solution by digging deeper into the challenges CMO’s are currently facing. We explore the ways data, advanced analytics and AI technology can be embedded throughout the customer journey, generate new levels of industry specific insights, and look at examples of hyper-personalization in action.

Why does hyper-personalization matter?

AI-powered marketing can help by:

Maximizing revenue

  • Data-driven content generation
  • Detailed product targeting
  • Next-best-action / recommendation engine
  • Individualized or dynamic pricing

Reducing cost

  • Reduced customer acquisition and retention costs
  • Workflow automation

Elevating customer experience

  • In-moment customer journeys
  • 24/7, personalized customer service
  • Real-time customer segmentation
  • Dynamic landing pages and websites

What is hyper-personalization?

Hyper-personalization is the most advanced way brands can tailor their marketing to individual customers. It’s done by creating custom and targeted experiences through the use of data, analytics, AI and automation. Through hyper-personalization companies can send highly contextualized communications to specific customers at the right place, time, and through the right channel.

As digital marketing becomes more competitive, hyper-personalized marketing provides the opportunity for organizations to meaningfully engage customers, deepen relationships, and improve customer experience. Implementing this type of strategy not only increases customer satisfaction, but also drives brand loyalty, willingness to spend, and overall marketing effectiveness.

How data and AI can power hyper-personalization throughout the customer journey

Custom and relevant advertising

Targeting customers with advertisements that are truly unique by either including curated products or customer information

Unique landing pages

Using customer data from past visits, geographic location and preferences to personalize their content

Recommendation engines

Providing content, product or service recommendations that are tailored to the individual customer’s preferences

Dynamic pricing and offers

Changing the offer, promotion or price customers are seeing based on their propensity to convert

Servicing chat bots

Conversational AI technology learns from customer behaviour and delivers personalized services that can answer specific questions and concerns in real time

Omni channel customer service

Using databases and AI technology to recognize and connect customers from both online and offline shopping channels

Pre-populated applications

Using existing customer data to pre-populate any documents, processes or applications which may be required to improve experience

Real-time product notifications

Providing updates on the status of product shipments, promotions and/or refills based on their purchase history

Loyalty programs and reengagement

Using customer purchases, micro segmentation, and geospatial data to send highly contextualized offers and messages

Industry use cases

How is AI-powered hyper-personalization being applied in different sectors?

Mukul Ahuja
Financial Services Leader
Omnia AI

Financial institutions

“Gathering contextual data drives information about customer profiles, behaviours, and transactions, helping to segment customers and drive more targeted offers.”

Read more>>

Stefan Ivic
Retail Leader
Omnia AI

Retail and consumer

“Being more personalized leads to more relevant offers, and differentiation for customers based on their engagement and investment in a particular brand.”

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Nihar Dalmia
Public Sector Leader
Omnia AI

Public sector

“Personalization in the public sector is about improving outcomes by understanding a citizens needs better and ensuring that they are given the right service at the right time.”

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Shanil Ebrahim
Health AI Leader
Omnia AI

Health care

“Health care will no longer focus solely on providing care, rather it’ll focus on sustaining the overall well-being of the healthcare consumer.”

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Where should I start?

Identifying customer needs
Understanding the current state of data and technology
Creating a roadmap for success

Marketing has always been rooted in a brand's ability to create meaningful connections with consumers. Hyper-personalized marketing will become an essential part of any successful strategy as technology-enabled customer data increases, customer expectations continue to evolve, and the marketplace becomes more competitive. Data, analytics, and AI are essential tools in crafting a hyper-personalized strategy that will allow brands to forge deeper bonds with customers and excel in the marketplace. It’s time to start taking things personally.

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AI Strategy Leader, Partner
Omnia AI

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Marketing & AI Practice Leader
Omnia AI

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