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Moving together. Making tomorrow.

Today’s digital revolution is rapidly rewriting the environment for employers and their global workforces. The need for organizations to have a flexible, mobile workforce is greater than ever. Taking a people-first approach to global mobility, compliance, talent and rewards programs while making technology work for your business to streamline processes, manage risk and improve the employee experience will add strategic value to your business.

Deloitte helps you achieve control, gain perspective and lead with confidence through this period of regulatory uncertainty and technological change.

Provide a human-centered experience

People first. Always.

We are asking more of employees than ever before around mobility, remote work, assignments, business travel etc. To meet the needs of your business, your workforce must be able to change jurisdictions freely with as much ease and comfort as possible.

Facilitate the freedom of movement by leveraging technology which provides a better user experience and promotes continuous innovation. We help you endorse mobility internally and to retain and attract top talent. By assisting you in the design of a future-focused, human-centered approaches to facilitate global mobility for your people, we help enhance your organisation’s agility and attractiveness as an employer.

Deloitte can assist in:

  • Making compliance easy for your workforce
  • Endorsing mobility for maximum workforce retention
  • Navigating changes in job roles and remain on the cutting-edge of trends
  • Focus on what matters most: People

Transform & align your organisation

Talent. Key to operational strategy.

Crowd sourcing, the gig-economy, the need for predictive data and changes in employment structures are rewriting the principles of global mobility. Is your organisation ready?

Discover and access specialised skills available in key geographic regions. Using adaptive planning, Deloitte can help your organisation gain a better grasp of global tax (Swiss tax and US tax services) costs in different locations. We can help analyse your global workforce data and align your corporate strategy with your talent needs. Using an insight-based approach to make strategic workforce decisions, it will lead to better global talent sourcing and improve return on investment.

When you are always being asked to do more with less, this is your opportunity to align global talent availability with your organisational strategy and transform.

Deloitte helps you to:

  • Develop tax department from administrative to strategic
  • Procure talent per business model strategy
  • Create individual talent models based on maturity/industry
  • Nurture new jurisdictions/areas for growth and opportunity
  • Gain the relevant stakeholder buy-in

Navigate risk and regulation

Embrace digital innovation

Mobility. Digital. Easy to talk about, hard to do.

We live in a world of disruptive technological change. Which technologies are the “right” ones for your globally mobile organisation and industry? Whether it’s robotics, virtual reality, apps, machine learning or AI we support you in finding your balanced solution and create your mobile tech-enabled teams of the future. We help you understand what’s available now, what may be coming and guide you through your digital journey.

Deloitte’s intuitive digital tools can help you improve the accuracy of compliance data as well as improving the employee experience by reducing manual data entry. Explore how fast-moving disruptive technologies can work for your mobility programs and your organisation.

Deloitte helps you to:

  • Explore how fast-moving disruptive technologies can work for you
  • Implement robotics, AI, and crowdsourcing to reduce your FTE headcount
  • Increase speed and cost effectiveness with your mobile populations with data analytics
  • Develop augmented teams for the future
  • Intuitive tech tools to optimize accuracy of compliance data

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Renaat Van den Eeckhaut

Renaat Van den Eeckhaut


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