Deloitte China launches FY2021 Impact Report

Deloitte puts social enterprise promise into practice and advances multi-dimensional development of business, talent, society, and the environment.

Publishing date: 06 January 2022

Following its very first social impact report published last year, Deloitte China today launched its FY2021 Impact Report (“the Report”)1. By focusing on our vision of sustainable development, the Report illustrates Deloitte’s continued contribution to promoting social development and common progress from various perspectives, including business, people, society, and the environment. 

Founded in London in 1845, Deloitte started its operations in the Chinese market in 1917, and has been doing business ever since with a view to Making an Impact that Matters for clients, people, and society. Deloitte is committed to leading the way in the professional services industry and creating value for clients through its expertise. 

2021 was the first year of the 14th Five-year Plan (“FYP”) and witnessed the historic convergence of China’s Two Centenary Goals. Taking the historic opportunities brought about by reform and opening up, Deloitte China adopts a multidisciplinary model – auditing, tax & business advisory and other advisory services in management, risk, and finance – to secure a leadership position and join hands with all sectors of society to make an Impact the Matters.

Patrick Tsang, CEO of Deloitte China, says, "The Chinese economy has withstood the tests brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and shown great resilience and development potential. With the reopening of its economy, and the phased-in implementation of the 14th FYP, long-range goals through the year 2035, and 'dual circulation' strategy, Deloitte strives to create value through our professional expertise and promote enterprises' steady and innovative development as a leading professional services organization. We also spare no effort, as a social enterprise that pledges to serve the nation with our expertise, in giving back to the society to fulfil our promise to embrace a sustainable future together." 

"By summarizing and analyzing our performance in business, the environment, and society in FY2021, the Report shows how Deloitte China delivers impact in three dimensions." Patrick adds. "First, we operate in the local China market and strive to create an innovation ecosystem, with a focus on digitalization and development and the application of new technologies. This helps clients build sustainable business models, empowers China-headquartered enterprises, and helps the national economy prosper. 

“Second, we have delivered on our commitments to carbon neutrality and green operation. This year, Deloitte launched the WorldClimate initiative. We remain committed to our emissions reduction promises, and connect with others to create joint solutions that optimize green operations and facilitate the transition to a low-carbon economy. 

“Third, we work to give back to society, exercising Responsible Business Practices and making societal impact our measure of value. Furthermore, we advocate a smart talent experience and enable our people to make the most of themselves on their career paths, helping the nation grow through our efforts in career development, diversity, and remuneration. "

Deloitte China FY2021 KPIs in business, environment and society

Sustainable and innovative business models

Responding to climate change and sustainable development has become a key concept in company management. Deloitte integrates internal and external resources to provide clients with integrated, end-to-end solutions. Through climate change and decarbonization management, green finance, ESG strategy & reporting, sustainable supply chain management, and the circular economy, Deloitte assists clients in addressing the risks and opportunities arising from climate change and achieving a green, low-carbon transition. As a pioneer and supporter of innovation initiatives, Deloitte has developed more than 1,500 digital assets and entered into digital collaborations with multiple world-leading enterprises. 

Climate & Sustainability Bold Play

Deloitte China National Managing Partner Rosa Yang and Deloitte China Climate & Sustainability Services Leader Allan Xie at the launch of the Deloitte China Climate & Sustainability Institute

Environmental challenges and emissions reduction promises

Responding to climate change is at the top of Deloitte's agenda. In 2021, Deloitte China purchased 25,230 tons of GS CERs and 7,175 I-RECs, achieving carbon neutral operations and business travel for FY2020.

Because we believe every drop counts, Deloitte has promoted  green operation by creating a green workplace, reducing waste, promoting green travel, and developing WorldClimate APP. As of the end of FY2021, six Deloitte China offices have achieved LEED certification2. With the pandemic continuing, our green travel initiative in collaboration with a car-hailing platform recorded 1,454 orders using new energy vehicles (NEVs), covering a distance of 22,054km, equivalent to eight round trips between Beijing and Shanghai.

Due to its response to climate change and climate action, Deloitte China won the 2021 Carbon Neutrality Action Leadership Award at the Zero-carbon Mission International Climate Summit held by Phoenix TV and the WWF in September 2021. Deloitte China Social Impact Leader Alan Wang receives the Carbon Neutrality Action Leadership– Outstanding Climate Ambition Award.

Enhancing smart talent experience and giving back to society

Deloitte China adopts a people-first approach. By building a flexible, agile, and wellbeing-oriented work environment for our people, we create a smarter work experience and enhance their sense of belonging. As of FY2021, we have made about 2,600 job offers to graduates (equivalent to nearly 15% of our total headcount). Deloitte China has also launched ALL IN, a global strategy that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion. At Deloitte China, women represent 60% of total employment, 45% of roles above manager level, and 31% of our leadership team.

Deloitte China A1 Orientation Day in different cities

Team building at Xinghai Bay

As of FY2021, our total societal investments amount to HKD27.24 million, with 30,338 hours of volunteer and pro bono time. Deloitte continues to support rural revitalization through the WorldClass Initiative and provides multidisciplinary services to various rural groups. Thirteen activities have been hosted, providing opportunities to nearly 1.6 million people in education, skills, and employment to give back to society.

Deloitte volunteers deliver an online workshop session to secondary school students

Deloitte colleagues from different regions take part in voluntary services

Patrick stresses that Deloitte China is privileged to be part of China's new journey to fully building a modern socialist country. At this new starting point, as a leading professional services firm deeply involved in the development of the Chinese economy, Deloitte China is dedicated to serving the country with our expertise. By leveraging competitive resources and investing heavily in digitalization and innovation capabilities, we defend the public interest through the highest standards of work quality and empower businesses to achieve high-quality development. We have also taken on a historic mission to expand our climate change and sustainability services, and remain steadfast in fulfilling our corporate social responsibility to contribute to the collective growth of society and help the national economy prosper.

The Report also includes comprehensive details of Deloitte China's key performance indicators in FY2021. Click here to download the complete FY2021 Deloitte China Impact Report.

Please view the 2021 Deloitte Global Impact Report.


  1. FY2021 refers to fiscal year ending on 31 May, 2021
  2. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is an internationally recognized green building program that certifies buildings according to their performance in energy and water conservation, interior environment quality, material and resource management, and sustainable site selection.

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