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What seems to be an increasing frequency of natural disasters is very disturbing to us but what we find heartwarming is the compassion and generosity of the people of Deloitte China. In this summary of the donations and activities to aid disaster relief and rehabilitation, we celebrate the compassion and generosity of the individuals who make up the Deloitte China team.

Western Sichuan Earthquake 2013

On 20 April 2013, a powerful 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck the southwestern part of Sichuan and badly hit Lushan County and the district of Ya'an. Thousands of residential houses and buildings were collapsed and badly damaged. Over 2 million people were affected by this merciless earthquake. Our firm made an immediate corporate contribution to Amity Foundation for the purchase and direct delivery of 132,750m² of rain covers to 885 households in Lingguanzhen, Baoxing County on 25 April. Our colleagues also made personal donations to the Deloitte China Sichuan Earthquake relief fund for longer term challenge of rebuilding and rehabilitation of areas and victims of this latest earthquake.

Typhoon Haiyan in Philippines 2013

In early November 2013, ruthless tropical cyclones, also known as the Typhoon Haiyan, struck the Philippines. This is one of the most powerful storms in history, which killed over 6,000 people and around 30,000 people reported injury, and 3.9 million people made homeless. Our firm made a corporate donation of HK$150,000 to the fund-raising effort by Deloitte Philippines, to help survivors in desperate need of food, water, and medicine and provided much needed on-the-ground relief.  

East Africa Famine 2011

In September 2011, Deloitte China made a corporate donation of HKD100,000 to Amity Foundation for immediate humanitarian aid in East Africa. The sponsored relief programme had benefited the Eastern African community with the provision of food, clean water and other necessities. A sand dam was also constructed to help slower evaporation and to improve water availability.  

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami 2011

Deloitte China contributed HKD 2 million in personal and matching corporate donations to assist the earthquake relief work in Japan in April 2011, for onward transfer to the Japanese Red Cross Society (JRCS). In additional, our firm remitted a further USD 20,000 to DTTL Disaster Relief Fund which is designed to meet the uninsured losses that Deloitte colleagues and their families suffer as a result of a natural disaster. This donation assisted colleagues afflicted by the earthquake/tsunami in Japan and also the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Qinghai Earthquake 2010

In April 2010, Deloitte China's corporate and personal donations were sent to One Foundation to assist its rescue and relief initiatives in Yushu County of China's Qinghai province, which was struck by a 6.9 magnitude earthquake on 14 April. One Foundation is a charitable organisation with whom we have worked previously to assist Sichuan earthquake victims.

Sichuan Earthquake 2008

Since May 2008, we have been drawing on the Deloitte China Sichuan Earthquake Relief Fund of RMB9.4 million in combined personal and corporate donations from colleagues from Deloitte China and other Deloitte Member Firms to help the rehabilitation of affected areas in Sichuan over the past years. Deloitte China donated our Sichuan Earthquake Relief Fund to support rescue efforts immediately after the quake, including distribution of 12,000 blankets in winter to those who lost their homes, reconstruction of three schools, sponsorship of classes in two vocational schools, sponsoring the education of 100 students who lost parents to the earthquake, and purchase of surgical equipment for the surgeons of Deyang Eye Hospital to perform reconstructive orthopaedic surgery.

Snowstorm in Southern & Central China 2008

In February 2008, Deloitte China donated RMB1.2million in personal and corporate contributions to the China Poverty Alleviation Foundation's emergency relief programme which was established on 29 January, to provide immediate assistance in the forms of procurement, transportation and distribution of necessities such as food (rice), drinking water, bedding and clothing to those afflicted by the most severe winter in China in the past 50 years.

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