Inaugural Deloitte Asia Pacific Townhall

Open Door to the Future

We have held our first Deloitte Asia Pacific Townhall in the form of livestream on 19 March. The COVID-19 pandemic, which is under the spotlight of the world, was discussed during the meeting. Amid the crisis, Deloitte Asia Pacific has leveraged cross-teams and cross-cities cooperation to allocate our expertise to bring innovation, capabilities, and inspiration to help clients to address unprecedented challenges by solving the most complicated and pressing issues that they are facing today.

With the emerging 5G era, we have seen more rapid changes, more intelligent technologies, and more diversified opportunities. Deloitte always keep abreast of the time by looking for new opportunities through innovative transformation. We continue to provide professional and specialized services to our clients.

Talents are Deloitte's most valuable assets. By encouraging talent's mobility and promoting well-being, we help our people to exert their influence and realize their career goals.

We will showcase more stories under the "Open door to the future" series. In this fastest growing and most complex region in the world, Deloitte opens the door to the future, helping our talents, clients and communities to make an impact that matters. Amazing stories are unfolding here every day. Please stay tuned…

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