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Deloitte China Quantitative Surveying and advisory service as an enabler of engineering consulting services

Deloitte China aspires to become a leader in the China market with one-stop engineering consulting and infrastructure investment consulting services.

Deloitte is one of the world leading professional services providers. Deloitte Quantitative Surveying and Advisory Co., Ltd. ("DQS") is a professional cost engineering consulting company with Grade-A qualification from the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. Comprising a variety of experts and technical talents such as middle- and senior-level engineers, China's certified cost engineers and certified constructors, as well as members of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, Deloitte is capable of providing professional and quality Quantitative Surveying and advisory service to clients.

Deloitte Quantitative Surveying and Advisory Co., Ltd. was renamed from Beijing Zhixin Deyin Construction Quantity Survey Co., Ltd. ("Zhixin Deyin"), which formally joined Deloitte China in early 2020. Having operated in the local market for nearly two decades, Zhixin Deyin has served numerous renowned real estate companies and gained good reputation. Zhixin Deyin's qualification, talents, clients and expertise will lay a solid foundation for Deloitte China to expand its cost engineering business.

Deloitte China Quantitative Surveying and advisory service Leader Martin Hu says: "The investments in construction projects in China is growing rapidly. Both the infrastructure construction, construction of projects of policy-related house, education, medical care, elderly care, culture and sports as well as convenient service for the purpose of improving people's livelihood, and the construction of sophisticated industry projects, new infrastructure projects have shown unprecedented vigorous development, and is expected to continue to be one of the major engine of China's economic development in the future. As the state enhances supervision on construction projects, the requirements for project management efficiency and fine management increases, resulting in the increasing demands of professional services with professional and international perspectives by more and more large construction projects. As the global leading professional services provider, Deloitte should expand the scale and scope of services for large construction projects, to meet the growth demands of enterprises and the society as a whole. In doing so, we are reaffirming our commitment by satisfying clients' unique needs through efficient solutions to make an impact that matters for clients, people and society."

"To boost Quantitative Surveying and advisory service of Deloitte China, we have long-been seeking an appropriate partner and finally reached a cooperative agreement with Zhixin Deyin, focusing on its extensive expertise and resource network. There are also a lot of similarities in the core values of our two firms, which highlight the commitment to excellence and concentrate on resolving the most complex issues that matter to our clients," adds Deloitte China Financial Advisory and Engineering Consulting Partner Winston Khoo.

Through overall integration of its own resources in the Quantitative Surveying and advisory service area, Deloitte China actively participates in the investments in domestic new infrastructure construction area and the infrastructure construction of Belt & Road countries, promoting Deloitte China's competitiveness in engineering consulting, as it heads towards a leader in the China market with one-stop cost engineering and infrastructure investment consulting services.

Deloitte China Quantitative Surveying and advisory service Partner Chen Weihong says:" We are seeking to stay ahead of the changing market and deliver new insights and opportunities for clients across industries. Deloitte is a world leading professional services provider and also a resourceful platform that stays at the forefront of changes through constant innovation. We look forward to realizing our vision in Quantitative Surveying and advisory service through Deloitte China."

DQS, focusing on cost and benefits management during the lifetime of project management, will always provide integrated and one-stop services to government investment divisions, industry investment entities, mega-sized real estate developers, financial institutions and funds that are in pursuit of standard, refined and scientific project management, assist them to improve authenticity and rationality in the use of funds to avoid funds and cost waste and risks and increase benefits, and endeavor to develop high-value and high-quality professional services in the transformation and innovation of digital management to the satisfaction of customer.

DQS is principally engaged in the provision of a full range of Quantitative Surveying and advisory service , assurance and audit services, including feasibility study and investment estimation of construction projects, cost estimation, contract planning, bidding document and bill of quantity preparation, assistance in bid assessment and negotiation, contract document preparation, financial report and interim payment review, project settlement, financial claim review, and due diligence, management optimization and data analysis of engineering cost, as well as other professional Quantitative Surveying and advisory service.

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