Message from Deloitte China Chairman – Dennis Chow

It's always great to share good news. Please join me in applauding my fellow Deloitte partners below for their achievements in major professional associations' elections in HKSAR:

Edward Au, Southern Region managing partner, was elected to the HKICPA Council on 9 December as its Vice President Thanks to those who supported him throughout his election journey. His victory truly belongs not just to Edward himself but also to every one of us within the accounting community.

Robert Lui, Hong Kong digital asset leader, Government Affairs Unit leader and Southern Region partner, was voted to the HKSI Institute’s Board of Directors at its 24th AGM on 9 December. In this new role, Robert will represent the firm as he builds relationships with the key executives within the financial industry including regulators to further support HKSAR's development within the Greater Bay Area (GBA).

Ernest Lee, technical partner at Deloitte China was elected to the Hong Kong Chartered Governance Institute’s 2022 Council on 8 December. With Ernest's expertise, I am confident that he will continue to support the firm as we uphold the highest standards of governance and ethical behavior.

Thank you to those who supported the above partners in winning their respective elections. Now is the time for us to be united as one community and rebuild our profession so it adds even greater value to the economy by harnessing innovation and embracing new perspectives; supporting GBA development to create new avenues for each of us; and enhancing the future of our profession to flourish in the new era. 

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