Deloitte assists listing of Jiangsu Chuanzhi Education

Historic first education IPO in the A-share market

Deloitte China successfully assisted the listing of Jiangsu Chuanzhiboke Education Technology Co. Ltd. (Chuanzhi Education; Stock Code: 003032. SZ) on Shenzhen Stock Exchange on 12 January 2021. Its shares became available on the SME Board and it was the first education company to list via IPO on the A-share market. As reporting accountant of Chuanzhi Education's A-share listing, Deloitte China has been providing professional, high-quality audit services to Chuanzhi Education. Upon entering the A-share market, Chuanzhi Education will diversify its strategic layout with the support of the domestic capital market to become one of China's leading education enterprises.

Deloitte China was appointed Chuanzhi Education's A-share reporting accountant in 2018. Under the leadership of Pauline Zhang, vice-chair of Deloitte China; Tong Chuan Jiang, Northern China A-Share Capital Market regional leader; Gao Tian Fu, senior manager; Emma Shen, manager; and Cilia Sun, assistant manager, and with strong support from Wang Fangfang, risk advisory partner; Candice Wang, risk advisory manager; Ella Ji, tax and legal director; and Vicky Jiang, tax and legal manager. The entire service team from Deloitte China worked together as one, using its rich professional knowledge, rigorous approach, highly-efficient and diligent work to achieve all the objectives required for Chuanzhi Education's A-share IPO filing. Our work was highly regarded by the client.

Pauline Zhang, vice-chair of Deloitte China delivered a remarks at the thanksgiving banquet of Chuanzhi Education.
Deloitte China's IPO engagement team took a group photo at the listing ceremony of Chuanzhi Education: (from left) Cilia Sun, assistant manager of audit & assurance; Gao Tian Fu, senior manager; Jeffrey Fu, chief partner of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu CPA LLP; Pauline Zhang, vice-chair; Tong Chuan Jiang, northern China regional leader of National A-Share Market; and Ella Ji, director of tax & legal.
Gao Tian Fu, senior manager of audit & assurance; Ella Ji, director, tax and legal; Jeffrey Fu, chief partner of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu CPA LLP; Li Huo Ming, chairman and general manager of Chuanzhi Education; Pauline Zhang, vice-chair of Deloitte China; Tong Chuan Jiang, northern China regional leader of National A-Share Market; Qu Xiao Yan, chief financial officer and secretary of the board of directors of Chuanzhi Education; and Cilia Sun, assistant manager of audit & assurance attended the listing ceremony of Chuanzhi Education.

About the client

According to Chuanzhi Education's IPO prospectus, the company was established in September 2012 and is a leading high-tech and innovative enterprise that engages in non-academic, applied computer information technology education and training. The company provides high standard IT education and training services to its students through a self-developed, high-quality curriculum, teaching system, and its own teaching and research team. The training courses offered by the company include artificial intelligence + python, JavaEE, C/C + +, PHP + H5 full stack engineering, front-end and mobile development, software testing, product management, integrated UI/UE designer, film and television production.

About this engagement

Prior to the Chuanzhi Education historic IPO, every listing of an education company on the A-share market had been completed through a backdoor-listing, quasi backdoor-listing, business transformation, or industry adjustment.

Chuanzhi Education's IPO not only opens a channel for future listings from the education sector in the A-share market, but also supports China's national strategies of "stabilizing employment", "strengthening the country through education", and "information-driven development".

Deloitte China congratulates Chuanzhi Education on its successful listing on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Through our high-quality professional service capabilities, Deloitte China will continue to help more education companies take the lead in an increasingly complex and competitive business environment. We also look forward to leveraging our experience and understanding of China and international markets to help more companies diversify their strategic layouts, expand their capital bases, and accumulate advantageous resources.

Stay tuned for more exciting listing news from our clients soon! 

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