Becoming a KOL!

Explore Audit Innovation with Deloitte AI Robot #1

Explore Audit Innovation with Deloitte AI Robot  is a new series that introduces you to our overall philosophy and practices in audit innovation. By sharing case studies of some of our successes, the series also gives you more impactful, meaningful inspiration to innovate..

This issue we have Dora Liu, Deloitte China Innovation Sponsor and Deloitte AI Robot to tell you more about our major initiatives in recent years, and our visions in audit innovation.


Deloitte AI Robot:
Hello Dora!

Hello Deloitte AI Robot! How are you doing these days? We are all now fighting against COVID-19, which has affected all sections of society. Shifting operations online has turn a top priority for many institutions and enterprises. Clients are asking for our help, and I know you have been working 24/7 during this challenging time. Much appreciated!

Deloitte AI Robot:
It's nothing for us robots. We aren't afraid of COVID-19, only computer viruses.

It's brilliant that Deloitte has worked for a long time to invest in various innovation and digital programs as well as enhance technological infrastructure and talent training to drive sustainable digital transformation and upgrading, internally and externally.  I thank my Deloitte friends who have been training, upgrading and improving my system. This enables me to keep growing and realize more flexible, efficient human-machine collaboration.

You are right! As Professor Zhang Wenhong says, "We need to think a bit more, and a bit more. We need to race and lead the way!" Digitalization cannot be achieved overnight, so we need to plan ahead. Over the years, we have helped many clients implement innovation and digital transformation plans, receiving high praise from them.

I have taken an active part in this since taking office as Deloitte China Innovation Sponsor in 2017…

Deloitte AI Robot. You have extensive hands-on experience in a variety of professional fields and application scenarios, including audit, finance, tax, enterprise management, risk control and human resources, and are doing a great job. I'm very proud of you!

So we would like to invite you to be the new champion of Deloitte Audit Innovation, and take us to explore Deloitte Audit's various innovative tools, strengths and breakthroughs

Deloitte AI Robot:
Wow, am I going to be a KOL?

Yes you are! Amid the current economic downturn, the Chinese government is attaching even greater importance to innovation as the core driver of national economic growth.

Audit Innovation is one of Deloitte's key initiatives in 2020. In the course of innovation, we help enterprises achieve breakthroughs from zero to one. And, backed by Deloitte's comprehensive professional capabilities in technology and services, we further assist them to enhance efficiency, improve quality and create new value, realizing growth from one to infinity.

Deloitte AI Robot
No problem! I will do my best in this new role. I will introduce more thought leadership and practical tools about Audit Innovation to our fans.

That's great. Later I will introduce you to the leaders of Deloitte's Audit Innovation and Audit Transformation initiatives, and ask them to share more about these concepts, our achievements in and future goals for them.

Deloitte AI Robot:
OK, deal!

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