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Tip 3: Standing out in group interview

As an essential part of the hiring process, group interviews are often a challenge for candidates. You not only need to handle complex interview questions or business case studies, you will also interact with different types of group members. Do you know how to stand out from the crowd?

A group interview will normally comprise a group discussion, presentation and a Q&A session.

Group discussion:

  • Speak up about your ideas and problems confidently
  • Respect different ideas and communicate your ideas well
  • Encourage and support all speakers
  • Set firm goals
  • Make decisions with others
  • Pay attention to timing and be ready for the next step

Group presentation:

  • Allow balanced distribution during the presentation
  • Support teammates if needed
  • Be confident
  • Maintain eye contact with the interviewer
  • Everyone should answer at least one Q&A question

The assessors will want to assess your teamwork and interpersonal skills in a group setting. Prepare for your interview with this assumption in mind, and then shape how you behave at the interview to best demonstrate to hiring managers that you have the desired qualities.

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