Welcome to Deloitte CES Asia Smart Mobility & Smart Connectivity Forum

12 June 2019, Shanghai

Deloitte invites you to explore how advanced technologies reshape mobility @ CES Asia

Against the backdrop of mobile internet, artificial intelligence and escalating commuting needs, Deloitte is teaming up with CES Asia for the third consecutive year to present an exciting series of six panels on 12 June in Shanghai under the theme "Smart Mobility and Connectivity". Senior corporate executives and thought leaders will gather at the event for a cross-sector confluence of ideas, mapping out a mobility blueprint for tomorrow.  Together, they will explore the changes and opportunities that the maturing of advanced technologies will bring to smart commuting systems, user experiences and future cities that will be built by companies in the ecosystem.

Today, advances in technology are affecting nearly every aspect of our lives. From healthcare to education to retail, technology is expanding choice, lowering cost, transforming customer experiences, upending business models, and changing how we engage with and value brands. When it comes to transportation and mobility, advances in powertrains and batteries, safety and connected and autonomous technologies will free humans from the chore of driving.

What changes will there be on the journey from point A to point B?

Will future vehicles inspired by autonomous driving and smart connectivity remain similar to current ones in form, or will they develop into diminutive multipurpose spaces as an extension of our lives? Within such spaces, users are set to enjoy customized services corresponding to their journey distance, and an experience integrated with their daily routines in which office workers can engage in multi-party video conferences while on the move, students can pursue augmented reality learning while travelling, and families can schedule activities using in-vehicle control panels. Scenes from sci-fi films are likely to gradually become a reality.

Industry stakeholders including carmakers, internet businesses, auto parts suppliers, service providers and urban transport managers have started to look at future mobility models. Users and their daily needs are the central concerns of these reflections as stakeholders figure out how adjustments, multi-party integration, advanced technologies and machine learning can be used to introduce services of greater relevance to users' daily routines and revolutionize the commuting experience. At 11 am on 12 June, Deloitte will assemble a panel of experts in user experience, creative design, new automobile manufacturing and telematics onstage at CES Asia to analyze the blind spots in commuting service development and embark on an out-of-the-box exploration of the endless possibilities advanced technologies can bring to users' mobility experience.

[Livestream] Deloitte Smart Mobility Smart Connectivity Forum at CES Asia

Deloitte's Smart Mobility, Smart Connectivity forum at CES Asia will start at June 12th. Please join us online and listen to senior executives from BMW, Audi, Nio, Byton, Banma Network, LKK Design, Continental, WM Motors, Aptiv, Huawei, Weride and more to share their insights on the future mobility trends, and discuss how advanced technologies are driving smart mobility and improving the mobility experience.

Six fascinating topics with interactive presentations and discussions will be broadcasting live from 10:30am, stay tuned!

Deloitte invites you to explore future smart cities @ CES Asia

More than 1,000 smart city pilot projects are ready for or under construction worldwide, and China is home to about 500 of them, the largest number of smart city pilot projects of any country with great space for further growth. However, despite rapid advances, some issues remain unresolved, including unclear strategic goals, inadequate technology implementation and poor execution. To address these issues, government institutions are expected to collaborate with private companies on multimodal concepts that will create a smart, innovative and sustainable urban environment for citizens.

In smart city construction, government institutions are taking the lead, with private companies the main force and a low level of public participation. Most discussions about smart cities focus on infrastructure: big data and information technology used to better manage urban assets such as public transport, wastewater systems and roads. But true smart cities must encompass more than just infrastructure and city services. A real smart city will apply technology to the full, making every aspect of the city smarter, significantly reducing resource wastage and giving the public more time to enjoy better lives.

How should advanced technologies be applied to build truly smart cities? How should government, the private sector and the public work together? Deloitte invites you to a forum at 3 p.m. on 12 June to explore these issues with experts from the private and public sectors, as well as take a closer look at the network of contributors needed to build smart cities.

【Special Session】Experience Digital Technology & Future Smart Cities

Meet with our Global Transportation Leader and Smart Cities expert, Simon Dixon to explore opportunities and challenges around the rapidly changing landscape of urban corridors and the vast ecosystem connected to smart mobility, smart infrastructure and innovation.

Date: 12 June 2019
Timing: 13:15 p.m.–13:45 p.m.
Place: Smart Cities Interactive Digital Wall, Kerry Hotel Grand Shanghai Ballroom 1

Confirmed Speakers


10:30-11:10 AM


Trends Reshaping the Future of Mobility and Connectivity

  • John Hung, Deloitte China Vice Chairman
  • Marco Hecker, Deloitte China Automotive Industry Leader
  • Hao Fei, Banma Network Technology CEO
  • Jack Cheng, NIO Co-founder and EVP
  • William Wang, Aptiv Asia Pacific Chief Business Strategy Officer, Advanced Safety & User Experience

Disruptive trends in mobility and connectivity impact many industries. In Asia Pacific, the technology advancement along with the regulation aid in mobility and connectivity are pressing many companies to react quickly. What trends should executives monitor and what are the implications? Join the distinct industry leaders to explore trends in digital customer experiences, autonomous vehicles, connected ecosystems, and more.

11:20-12:10 AM







Advanced Technologies Enabling the Future Customer Experience

  • Andy Zhou, Deloitte China Automotive Consulting Leader
  • Hao Fei, Banma Network Technology CEO
  • Li Yi Chao, LKK Design President
  • Ma Jun, Tongji University Automotive Business School Chair
  • Jack Cheng, NIO Co-founder and EVP
  • Boris Meiners, Audi China Senior Director of Brand, Digital Business, Customer Experience

Whether buying a car or hailing a ride, consumers desire unique and personalized experiences. Advancements in autonomy, connectivity, AR, VR, cloud, 5G, and other technologies can enable new kinds of experiences. Listen to the pronounced panellists discuss creating customer experiences of the future.

12:20-13:00 PM


Securing the Future of Mobility and Connectivity

  • Tonny Xue, Deloitte China Technology Risk Leader
  • Danil Kerimi, World Economic Forum Head of Center for the 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Han Yi, InGeek General Manager
  • Zhang Ren Jie, Xingmin ITS COO
  • Tao Haukka, Thales China Sales Director
  • Alex Hu, BMW System Architecture Senior Manager

Consumers in a connected world expect technology-enabled experiences that keep them safe, and protect their privacy and data. Shortfalls can create risk, break trust, and impact profits. How should enterprises think about protecting consumers and their data? What is the role of policy makers and regulation? This panel will investigate.




14:00-14:50 PM


Creating Seamlessly Integrated Connected Mobility

  • Andy Zhou, Deloitte China Automotive Consulting Leader
  • Sharad Mohan Mishra, Deloitte Singapore Executive Director of Future of Mobility Center
  • Liao Bing, GAC-NIO CEO
  • Yolanda You, Continental Head of System and Technology, Chassis and Safety Division
  • Zhang Li, WeRide COO

Growth in urban corridors creates challenges such as congestion, pollution and reduced access to city services. Seamlessly integrate and connected mobility can provide reprieve, but delivery requires collaboration across industries. Experts around Asia Pacific discuss what partnerships/collaborations will enable integrated, connected and scalable mobility.

15:00-15:50 PM


It Takes a Village: Building Smart Communities

  • Clare Ma, Deloitte China Smart City Leader
  • Simon Dixon, Deloitte Global Transportation Leader
  • Song Lei, Continental Head of China Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Yan Feng, Weltmeister (WM Motors) CTO
  • Zhai Qi, Huawei China Smart City Chief Architect

It takes many public and private partners to deliver smart city solutions to benefit the economy, mobility, safety and security of citizens, infrastructure and more. We’ll take a closer look at the network of contributors to build a smart city.

16:00-16:40 PM


C Suite Perspective: The New Mobility Revolution

  • Vivian Jiang, Deloitte Asia Pacific Clients & Industries Leader
  • Daniel Kirchert, Byton CEO

C-level executives from an automaker and a telecom company discuss their companies’ approaches to the future of mobility and connectivity as well as how those changes will impact the people's life. A moderated discussion will ensue, exploring themes such as innovation, talent, partnering and customer engagements.


Time: Jun.12th, 10:30am - 17:00pm

Address: Kerry Hotel-1388 Huamu Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai


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Auto Industry Program Senior Manager

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Auto Industry Program Assistant Manager

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