Practice overview


Step 5: Empower the future business


Business value
  • Accelerates speed of adoption through providing digital operations through managed automation services
  • Reduces total cost of ownership
  • Frees up CoEs for business transformation
  • Access to market leading ecosystems 

DARA is Deloitte’s Automation-as-a-Service offering which allows our clients to leverage transformative benefits that “Automation at Scale” presents by providing access to scale infrastructure and pre-built solutions, and leading talent from day one.

It is a cloud based digital workforce and AWS hosted SaaS solution, built and maintained by Deloitte removing need to find and train the right talent in house and set up COEs DARA includes three types of services, all of which are in service today at a range of clients and using our global delivery model:

Augmentation: Provision of skilled resource capacity (on site or remote) to support client capabilities, serving on premise or private cloud solutions, working with client methods and solutions

Co-Sourcing: On site or remote service provision in a peer relationship with client teams, bringing Deloitte solutions and services to the client to add incremental value

Managed Augmentation Service: Multi tenant end to end service provision including cloud based automation solutions owned and operated by Deloitte, within a managed service solution


Matthew Lee

Maclaren Supply Cycle

Business value
  • Reduce manufacturing and inventory costs
  • Streamline the supply chain
  • Make informed decisions for sales and operations planning (S&OP)

The unique collaboration between Deloitte Consulting and McLaren Applied Technologies combines McLaren’s advanced engineering and simulation capabilities with Deloitte’s deep industry and functional expertise to create digital copies of our clients’ physical businesses. With these ‘digital twins,’ we’re able to test millions of scenarios, empowering our clients to take the right actions at the right time to improve operations.

The SupplyCycle solution creates a digital twin of production lines and warehouses and runs over 20 million simulations, enabling clients to find the optimal balancing points across their operations.
Using advanced modelling, AI and machine learning, SupplyCycle helps manufacturers make end-to-end tradeoffs, minimizing changeovers and inventories to lower costs while maintaining high levels of customer service.


Jamie MacCall

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Business Digital Hub

Business value
  • Cloud based working platform tracks operation data at any time and any place with data visualized analysis tools;
  • Visualized analysis and foresight: BI dashboard, budget, forecast and risk alert;
  • Consolidates the end-to-end back office services to reducing operating costs;
  • Customised, sharable and intelligent business modules in new ecosystem

The Business Digital Hub (BDH) is a cloud based, integrated and one-stop digital solution for finance, staff reimbursement, human resource, supply chain, tax compliance and IT support, which aims to release staff from repetitive mundane work and help them concentrate on core businesses in driving business growth.


Lily Li
Deloitte China Tax and Legal Partner


Business value
  • Increase contracting efficiency
  • Improve compliance
  • Reduce cost
  • Reduce risk

dTrax is a configurable and customizable solution that saves legal departments time and resources by leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, legal subject matter expertise and analytics to simplify, automate and streamline the contracting process. This allows legal teams to serve the business faster and better while reducing the amount of time required to manage the contract process.


Jessica Anderson


Business value
  • Improve the productivity and efficiency of the HR function
  • Integrate HR data and processes to reduce training cost
  • Provide a better HR experience for employees

With the advent of the digital era, enterprises are having higher demands for a full-system HR systems in respect of function, applications and user experience.

DHR is a custom built digital platform which will act as an extension of a core human resources system. It will be used to enhance the HR service experience, interactive operations and implementation of HR consulting outcomes. The platform is an user-friendly and scalable integrated platform.


Alex Zhong
Deloitte China Consulting

Talent Mirror

Business value
  • Enhance operational efficiency and production effectiveness of enterprises
  • Improve labour cost structure
  • Optimise workforce structure
  • Reflect operational status in real-time to help organisations make quick and informed operational decisions

The Talent Mirror is an enterprise human resources performance analysis tool. It help companies continuously monitor and improve human performance using visualized operating dashboards and market benchmarking tools.


Carol Zheng
Deloitte China Consulting