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Through thought-provoking publications, surveys and reports as well as insightful commentary, we deliver innovative, practical knowledge which companies can use to improve their overall business performance. Our network of research professionals and senior consultants can identify, analyse and help explain the issues critical to businesses across a variety of industries.

Recent thought leadership

  • Deloitte's Tracking the trends 2021
    According to the report, closing the mining industry's trust deficit with its stakeholders is central to winning back the confidence of investors, employees, and communities as miners traverse a more fractured landscape due to COVID-19. Looking beyond the pandemic, the report also identifies the top 10 emerging issues set to transform mining.
  • UK Offshore Wind Power Market Update
    The report analyzes the wind power market and offshore wind power policies in the UK and defines key phases of project development, providing deep insights into the UK offshore wind power that support Chinese companies' market entrance and promote cooperation between China and the UK.
  • China gasoline retailing development trends report 2019
    Automated, intelligent equipment and new technology in China's gasoline retail space are set to boost efficiency and reduce costs, according to the report.
  • The new frontier - Bringing the digital revolution to midstream oil and gas
    Deloitte's Whitepaper sets out the rationale for digitalization, and how midstream oil and gas companies can best plan, implement and benefit from it.
  • Supercharged: Challenges and opportunities in global battery storage markets 
    The report analyzes the push for energy storage facilities and the ways in which utilities, policymakers and other stakeholders support their development and ongoing deployment. 
  • Global Renewable Energy Trends
    The report analyses three key enablers—price and performance parity, grid integration, and technology—allow solar and wind power to compete with conventional sources on price, while matching their performance. As technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and 3-D printing continue to advance the deployment of renewables, prices will likely continue to fall, and accessibility will improve. 
  • Intelligent mining: Delivering real value
    The report explores how digital transformation in mining will enable better management, information integration, and the redesign of Integrated Systems—while also examining the challenges that can hamper such transformation.
  • China Oil & Gas Reform Series II - Unfolding the Upstream Reform
    This report analyses China upstream reform in three areas: background and reform momentum, opportunities for investment, and challenges & best practice.
  • Outlook of Belt and Road International Power Cooperation in 2018
    This report provides deeply risk analysis and development trend about China participate in Belt and Road project, helping power enterprises developing an overall planning for the “going global” strategy, promote innovation on financing models, and enhance the level and capability of internationalized operation.
  • Tracking the trends 2018
    The report examines the top 10 issues miners may face in the coming year. Our global mining professionals once again share their experiences to help identify strategies mining companies can take to smooth out the recovery and minimize the industry’s historical boom and bust cycle.
  • China Oil & Gas Reform Series I - Gradual Reform across the Value Chain
    This report analyses China oil & gas reform in three areas: reform opinions and implications, global and China economic fundamental drivers, and the outlook. Over the coming months we will be reviewing each of these reforms in turn.
  • Tracking the trends 2017 
    The report presents the top ten industry trends as well as strategies that back the trends for mining enterprises. This year, the report includes more case studies to showcase how some companies are bringing new solutions to life.
  • Water Tight 2.0 - The top trends in the global water sector
    The central theme of the Water Tight report is innovation. It is about how utilities and industries explore new ways to tackle supply-side, demand-side, regulatory or business-related challenges.
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