Adapting to a new normal: CFOs perspectives and priorities for 2021

2021 Q1 China CFO Survey Report

Deloitte China CFO Program conducted the 2021 Q1 China CFO Survey in February 2021, which reflects the views of CFOs and senior finance practitioners from companies across China.  The survey report has been complied with the findings from the feedbacks we have collected from CFOs.  We hope that this survey report would be a good reference for benchmarking and CFO’s peer comparison, and will be helpful to the market development.

Key findings

"A new year means new perspectives and priorities," says William Chou, National Managing Partner of Deloitte China CFO Program.  "As the world begins to rebound from the uncertainty of 2020, CFOs need to make concrete decisions about how to position their firms for an adjusted future."

"All eyes are on China and the Rest of Asia as the global economy works to overcome the turmoil of the previous year," says Norman Sze, National Managing Partner of Deloitte China CXO Program.  "Because Chinese Mainland was the first in the world to reopen its economy, paired with its widespread adoption of digital means of doing business across practically all sectors, it is well positioned to lead in the coming year."

  • Optimism is rising but caution is still needed: CFOs are optimistic about the economy.  While there are opportunities, CFOs still harbour worries about the operating environment.
  • China and Asia are key growth drivers: Most CFOs believe Chinese Mainland will lead in post-pandemic growth, while some respondents also believe that the Rest of Asia will recover rapidly once the dust settles from the pandemic.
  • Tech and talent are strategic priorities: Among the CFOs surveyed, digital transformation and talent retention and development were identified as the top two priorities for capturing growth opportunities in 2021.

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