2022 banking and capital markets outlook

Scaling new heights with purpose

As we approach 2022, banking and capital market businesses face a critical juncture. Two years into the pandemic, many hurdles remain: from implementing technology solutions holistically to staying ahead of the impacts of digital assets; from climate change and workplace/workforce evolution to other systemic societal challenges. In spite of these and others, banking institutions are eager to grow, scale, and achieve new heights. But the window for bold and transformational action may soon be closing.


  • Banks are at a make-or-break moment. They have a short window to take action on how they want to position themselves in the new global financial architecture that digitization will unleash. But in the short-term, banks will have to navigating a number of mounting challenges and uncertainties.
  • Banking leaders are reckoning with the never-before-seen challenge of redefining the workplace and how work is done. In what is likely to be another tumultuous year ahead, banking executives will need to embrace a unique blend of leadership traits. Not only do they need to be more adaptable than ever, but they must be unapologetically bold while making empathy the foundation of their reinvigorated culture.
  • Digital transformation is never ending. And these efforts at banks tend to be incremental, localized, and fragmented, resulting in a pervasive and pernicious “digital trap.”  Having a common language across the institution, using a business-first roadmap, and going from technology stacks to solution stacks are necessary for banks to transform at scale. 
  • CMOs at banks have a clear opportunity to lead the creation of an authentic, differentiated identity that embeds higher purpose. They should also work intentionally to empower customers to make the right choices and chart their own financial destiny by giving them access to data, tools, and advice that are personalized and actionable. 
  • Many banks have yet to turn their commitments to sustainable finance into concrete action. As global crises in public health, social justice and climate change escalate and collide, now is the time for banks to deliver on their promises. Sustainable finance initiatives are not only good for the world, but they can also unlock new economic opportunities for value creation.


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