An integrated solutions platform for the Insurer of the future

Insurer of the future

What comes to mind when you think about the insurer of the future? The reality is, when it comes to insurance, the future is here now!

Innovation is disrupting the insurance value chain, from customer experience, distribution to operations and product development to risk management. As digital and intelligent tools transform the industry a fundamental change in how the industry reports its performance to investors is about to go live. Against this veritable paradigm shift, the question then becomes how can insurers capitalize on these currently unknown opportunities and stay ahead in the game?

What is ONEInsurance?

Curating customized end-to-end solutions, Deloitte's ONEInsurance aims to address insurers’ signature issues in today's rapidly changing business environment, including end-to-end digital transformation from customer experience to core systems, risk and regulatory compliance, new ESG requirements, products innovation, M&A opportunities, business expansion, and financial and actuarial transformation.

These solutions are powered by a team of multidisciplinary professionals and insurance industry experts with access to the full power of Deloitte’s resources, and backed by Deloitte’s unrivalled networks of global and local alliances in the insurance industry ecosystem.

In addition to leveraging our extensive industry expertise and strong technology capabilities, our team has successfully developed a portfolio of proprietary digital assets to help clients achieve their visions and goals in their digital transformation journey.

Through ONEInsurance, insurers can acquire solutions to harness the strategic benefits that could be seized from all of these major industry changes and provide insurance executives with the levers to optimize return on investment and transform their business with a competitive edge.

End-to-End Digital Transformation

Disrupt all parts of the insurance value chain by providing support from strategy and innovation to design, implementation and operate, while leveraging leading technology solutions.

Products Innovation

Take Health & Employee Benefits Insurance as an example, our integrated solutions empower clients throughout the cycle of products development. From strategy formulation and proposition design, to the transformation of customer engagement, underwriting, claims and operations, supporting the integration of healthcare ecosystems.

Finance & Actuarial Transformation

Building on the back of the significant investment the insurance industry has made to get ready for IFRS 17, we are ready to assist insurers in the modernization of their actuarial and finance operating models and systems. The opportunity ahead is for insurers to realize in full the investments made and to meet the new challenges of a redefined performance framework driven by new metrics and the significant changes in the operating model.

Optimized Risk and Regulatory Approach

Support insurers’ compliance with new regulations, market entry and expansion opportunities, regulatory technology, and recovery from disruptive events.

ESG Beyond "Net Zero"

Influence the insurance industry's thinking to shape initiatives that address climate risk, diversity and social inequity, product innovation as well as process reengineering, system implementation, and regulatory reporting.

End-to-end M&A Solutions

Empower market expansion and growth, industry consolidation, divestitures, and operational transformations for insurers across Asia Pacific.

Operate for Insurance

Digital disruption is redefining how insurers do business. Never before has there been such a convergence of exponential shifts in people, processes, and technology. Insurers that need to scale operations, accelerate innovation, drive efficiencies, and cultivate expertise to better focus on their core competencies are turning to more agile ways of operating beyond their own organizations, including business process and technology operate services.

GBA End-to-End Service Offerings

Introducing Deloitte's end-to-end solution for insurers aspiring to penetrate the Greater Bay Area (GBA) market. Bringing together deep market insights and connections with key ecosystem players in the GBA, we help manage challenges and make key decisions at each stage of your GBA journey. Our integrated solution will address all key business needs from planning to operationalization. This includes GBA customer profiling and journey design, product and segment strategy, location strategy and direct entity set up, tax strategy, capital investment, talent sourcing, risk and regulatory strategy etc. Take us on your journey to unlock the immense opportunity GBA has to offer.

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