How to Co-Exist in a world of AI and Data Privacy

12 November 2021

Actuarial Society of Hong Kong (ASHK) is hosting their very first inaugural ASHK Innovation Conference 2021 on 11 and 12 November 2021 morning. The theme is "Actuaries Embracing Innovation".

Key actuarial innovation experts or industry practitioners from Hong Kong and Asia Pacific will be sharing their insights on the hottest topics and latest trends of actuarial innovation including, but not limited to, the future development of InsurTech, health and wellness ecosystem, and digital transformation.

How to Co-Exist in a world of AI and Data Privacy

In the recent years, more and more privacy regulations are rolling out over the globe, for example General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in EU, China is drafting Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL), and Hong Kong is also reviewing Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (PD(P)O). Given that regulations are expecting companies to raise their standards and controls in personal data handling along the data lifecycle, many companies have raised concerns over external data collaboration. As the result, robust and secure data collaboration framework is key to success. 

In this session, Louis Lee and Eric Leung from Deloitte Actuarial and Insurance Solutions, and Isaac Wong from WeBank, will share their insight on the latest privacy preserving technologies to help companies to gain more insights from external dataset to drive business decision while being compliant to the regulations. There are various technologies available depending on the data sensitivity and model architecture, including, Federated Learning, Homomorphic Encryption, Secure Multiparty Computation, Differential Privacy etc. They are the enablers of cross-company data analytics while not exposing the raw (personal) data itself.  

They will also share some case studies on how industries like financial services, healthcare, are leveraging privacy preserving technologies to support business decision making. Hopefully this session could inspire the audiences on innovative data sharing and collaboration initiatives. 

Join Louis, Eric and Isaac in their session on 12 November, 11:40 AM to
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Eric Leung

Senior Actuarial Consultant

Eric is a Senior Consultant in the General and Health Insurance practice of Deloitte Actuarial based in Hong Kong. He has over 4 years of experiences in delivering projects of data management and anal... More