Financial Services


Financial Services


We are in times of unprecedented change within the Chinese financial services industry. Almost every day we see developments that challenge the role of traditional financial services and see the opportunity for both domestic and international expansion.


The new global financial order, increasing industry consolidation, stricter compliance and regulatory requirements and changing domestic and global financial landscapes, together bring a set of complex issues to the senior management of China's financial services industry.

Deloitte's Global Financial Services Industry (GFSI) professionals provide tailor-made solutions to financial institutions facing the complex issues of today’s marketplace.

Combining in-depth industry knowledge with technical expertise, Deloitte's GFSI team incorporates a far-reaching network of practitioners drawn from across the global financial market who continue to develop, evolve and share their expertise and experience with the world's leading financial services enterprises. We understand the changes in the financial services industry, and we care for your needs, whether it is in the fields Banking & Securities, Insurance or Investment Management.

Deloitte Global Financial Services Industry professionals

  • Represented in more than 40 countries
  • With 2,880 dedicated partners and encompassing a network of more than 23,700 professionals
  • Combines assurance, tax, consulting, and corporate finance expertise as part of an effective network

Of the top global FSI companies ranked by market capitalization, we audit:

  • 25 percent of the top 20
  • 23 percent of the top 50
  • 21 percent of the top 100
  • 19 percent of the largest 250
  • Deloitte serves 83 percent of financial service companies listed on the Fortune Global 500

Deloitte China Financial Services Industry professionals

  • A team of more than 1,200 professionals, including more than 100 partners and directors, drawn from all aspects of the financial services industry
  • We pride ourselves on combining local knowledge with global reach and global knowledge with local reach. The strength of our professionals is their ability to combine the best of local and global practices to assist our clients in addressing the challenges they face in every aspect of their business
  • Through leveraging investment in Hong Kong, we continue to develop a network of Asia Pacific and Global Centers of Excellence that support our global and local clients as they face the challenges of our developing markets
  • Through our China Financial Services Industry Center of Excellence we provide thought leadership and industry research to support our global and local network
  • On the mainland we provide professional services to:
    • each of the "Big Five" state-owned banks
    • the largest state-owned policy banks
    • multiple joint equity banks and city/rural commercial banks from across China
    • the four largest state-owned asset management companies
    • the four largest insurance companies
    • the domestic operations of our global GFSI network clients.