Welcome to the Deloitte INED Club

Published date: 4 July 2024


Independent Non-Executive Directors (INEDs) are essential for a listed issuer and represent at least one-third of board seats. They are expected to provide sound, independent judgement to achieve a high-standard of corporate governance for an issuer by leveraging balanced thinking fueled by extensive industry insights, legal and regulatory knowledge, financial literacy, and competence to flag corporate risk from an insider’s and outsider’s perspectives.


Deloitte INED Club

With evolving regulatory developments and the fast pace of change in the business world, Deloitte China established the Deloitte INED Club in 2012 to equip INEDs with the essential intelligence to excel in their duties and keep members aware of the latest trends and knowledge to be leaders of corporations at CXO level.

We organize events and draw on the business experience of Deloitte’s professional services specializations and selected external speakers in relevant fields, to provide INEDs with insights and approaches to help them appropriately challenge and support the companies they serve, thereby enhancing business performance, corporate responsibility, and shareholder and social value.

Deloitte INED Club organizes webinars and events to provide:

  • Intelligence on evolving requirements in corporate governance.
  • Insights to inform the good judgment INEDs need to serve as board members.
  • Knowledge of key topics impacting the Hong Kong business landscape, from capital markets, regulatory updates, and tax, to fintech, ESG, security, and global economic trends.
  • A community for senior leaders to build connections and exchange ideas.


Join Deloitte INED Club

We invite INEDs to connect with us here and join INED Club to stay up-to-date with our latest event invitations.


Leading partners

Eddie Ip
Co-Chair of Deloitte INED Club
Audit & Assurance Partner
Deloitte China

Tel: +852 2852 1948


Ryan Wu
Co-Chair of Deloitte INED Club
Audit & Assurance Partner
Deloitte China

Tel: +852 2740 8855


Past events


  • ​Financial Leadership in a Changing Climate: How financial executives and INEDs can lead in the new era of enhanced climate disclosures (LinkedIn post, event page​)
  • How to Thrive in a Shifting Global Landscape: Insights on the 2024 Economic Outlook (LinkedIn post​, event page​) ​


  • ​Recent Developments in PRC Real Estate Defaults and Dispute Resolution (event page)
  • 2023 HK Capital Market & Trend of Insurance Sector in GBA​ (event page)
  • Challenges and opportunities in the Metaverse, Web 3.0, and ChatGPT-AIGC (event page)
  • Key concerns in Hong Kong's Delisting Regime (event page)


  • ​Foreign Source Income Exemption (FSIE) – Sequel (event page)
  • Task Force for Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) (event page)
  • Foreign Source Income Exemption (FSIE) (event page)
  • Entering the Metaverse era (event page)
  • Revisiting Sino-US relations (event page)
  • Recent updates on corporate governance (event page)
  • Analyzing the Global Minimum Tax (event page)