Global Innovation Gathering - 2019 Deloitte Innovation Summit Concluded Successfully

2019 Deloitte Innovation Summit has been concluded successfully in Shanghai on June 24, bringing altogether more than 500 guests, including government leaders, entrepreneurs and innovation practitioners to participate in this wonderful annual innovation event. The summit was consisted of Forum, Tech Exhibition, Deloitte Innovation Assets and other sections, bringing highly insightful innovation sharing and wonderful event experience to the attendees.


Upon the opening of the summit, Song Peng, Deputy Executive Director of Office for Advancing Shanghai’s Science and Innovation Center Development, delivered a speech, pointing out that open, collaborated, and shared innovation is one of the key guidelines in Shanghai's construction of global science and innovation center. A total of 11 keynote speeches and industry round-table discussions were held, inviting a number of well-esteemed guests, including Michael Zhang, President of SenseTime; Lianghong Fei, Technical Evangelist at Amazon Web Services; and Hocking Xu, Founder and CEO of AInnovation. Speakers focused on topics on Global Ecology, AI, 5G, New Retail, Cloud Computing, and other cutting-edge topics. For more forum details, please refer to the following part on “2019 Deloitte Innovation Summit: Forum Highlights”.

Video Opening from Cindy Hook, Deloitte Asia Pacific CEO
Welcome Speech by Vivian Jiang, Deloitte Asia Pacific Clients & Industries Leader Deloitte China, Deputy Chairlady
Speech delivered by Song Peng, Deputy Executive Director of Office, Advancing Shanghai’s Science and Innovation Center Development
Morning session hosted by Steven Feng, Deloitte China Innovation Department & Greenhouse Partner
Afternoon session hosted by Annie Yu, Deloitte China Innovation Department Senior Manager

Tech Exhibition

The summit showcased more than 100 innovative technology companies from mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and Australia, covering hot topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Smart Manufacturing, FinTech, New Retail, Big Health, Internet of Things, and Data Security. From robotic applications to intelligent supply chain management; from automated text processing to omnichannel data analysis, innovative technology companies keep empowering industries by emerging technologies. During the day, two large enterprises and Deloitte Italy Innovation Accelerator were successfully matched with 33 innovative technology companies for future collaboration.

Tech Exhibition

Deloitte Innovation Showcase

As the accelerator and platform of Deloitte Innovation, Greenhouse showcased the high-tech experience and lab solutions on the booth. Participants were able to overturn their conventional thinking and be inspired by creativity with the help of our tools and methods. In addition, 24 Deloitte innovative solutions were featured at the summit, fully showcasing Deloitte's global innovative ideas and outstanding professional services. Deloitte Innovation Showcase helped clients understand how Deloitte could release corporate’s innovation potential and upgrade their risk management, financial decision-making, tax planning, human capital, strategical planning and other aspects in corporate operations.

Greenhouse Booth
Greenhouse Hi-Tech Experience
Deloitte Innovation Asset Showcase

Next, let’s take a retrospect at some forum highlights at 2019 Deloitte Innovation Summit.

Deep insights into innovative strategy

Thierry Delmarcelle, Deloitte Asia Pacific Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, provided insightful suggestions to corporate innovation strategies. According to Thierry, most successful innovators are explicit about their innovation ambition. They think beyond product innovation and challenge industry and company playbooks.

Global innovation ecosystem

Innovation has been one of the key focus around the world. Deloitte innovation leaders and experts from Israel, Japan, and China shared with the audience the uniqueness of each country’s innovation ecosystem and market trends. Deloitte offers all-rounded support to help corporates join global innovation ecosystem.

Sitao Xu, Deloitte China Chief Economist and Partner, pointed out the opportunities and obstacles in China's exploration into innovation development. Then he shared his view on China-US relations and also suggested both sides to foster a healthy competition.

Ilan Birnfeld, Deloitte Israel Chairman and CEO, shared that deep technology, wide variety of domains, and global-oriented development contributed to Israel's unique innovation ecosystem.

Yuma Saito, DTVS Managing Director and Founder, shared that as Japan enters the new era – Reiwa, a healthier business ecosystem has been much more emphasized. Japan startups and large enterprises are seeking to establish wide collaborations with innovation institutions around the global.

Dora Liu, Deloitte China Innovation Sponsor, Managing Partner of Eastern Region introduced the eminence of China's innovation development. A unique digital ecosystem makes China a leader in digital economy.

China is now leading the world in mobile, internet retail, and data analysis. The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, Yangtze River Delta region, Guangzhou-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the central and Western regions present the diversified innovation vitality. Despite that many challenges stays ahead, China's open innovation ecosystem has been gradually shaped.

Disruptive Innovative Technologies

5G and AI are the two key supporting technologies in the new era. Taylor Lam, Deloitte China TME Sector Leader, hosted a round-table discussion with Yong Zhang, President of China Unicom Network Technology Research Institute; Bingtao Han, Architecture Expert of ZTE, Head of ZTE Artificial Intelligence Platform; Bingfeng Wang, VMware Greater China Senior Director of Partner Sales; Shipeng Li, iFlytek Vice President and Co-president of Research; Iris Liu, Partner of Extreme; and Joleen Liang, Squirrel AI Learning Partner. The round-table focused on how 5G and AI disrupt traditional industry from technology architecture, industry application scenarios and other dimensions. Collaboration is a must to apply 5G successfully in industries. To seize 5G opportunities, companies cannot "wait" but to take action from now on.

Allen Wong, Deloitte China Consulting Partner hosted the round-table discussion named “Digitizing the Traditional Retail Formats, Challenges and Opportunities” with George Kuan, Estee Lauder Senior VP & International CIO; Zhanbei Zhu, President of Shanghai Beyond Science CO., Ltd and Vice President, CIO of Wanda Group; Kevin Peng, China Chain Store & Franchise Association Secretary-General; and Zhongwei Ren, Dmall Partner. Enterprise representatives and industry experts from retail industry discussed the direction and important challenges in the digital transformation of the new retail model. Traditional and emerging retail models both have their own advantages and disadvantages. New Retail should focus on the consumption scenarios, enhancing consumers' insights and interaction abilities based on data and online-offline integration.

Innovation Thinking Illustration

As one of the highlights of the summit forum, Deloitte Graphic recording summarized summit forum speeches by creative illustration, demonstrating a clear logic of each speech for better visualization and easier understanding.

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