"Intelligence Driven by Innovation"

Pathways to Digital Difference

Innovation Forum "Intelligence Driven by Innovation" was successfully held in China (Hangzhou) Artificial Intelligence Town on 11 November, with over 150 guests in attendance. As an essential part of the 2018 Future Sci-Tech City Summit, as well as a key component of Deloitte's "Digital Difference" to demonstrate differentiated services, this forum focused on the ecosystem of the artificial intelligence (AI) industry and dived deep into industry trends and application scenarios of AI.

Xialin Chen, secretary of the Party Working Committee and director of the Management Committee of Hangzhou Future Sci-Tech City, gave an opening speech wherein he welcomed all guests for attending the forum. He pointed out that China (Hangzhou) Artificial Intelligence Town is ready to empower the prosperous development of China's AI industry made possible by its outstanding talent pool, advanced technology, and superior project platform, all built on an innovation-driven foundation.

Afterwards, Dora Liu, Deloitte China Innovation Sponsor, announced the release of China AI Industry Whitepaper on behalf of the firm, which received great attention. The whitepaper points out that AI has become the pivotal driving force of the next industrial revolution, and sheds light on the current state and future prospects of AI by giving an overview of the AI industry, examining the commercial applications of AI, and exploring the geographic distribution and positioning of AI industry in China. Dora Liu highlighted that China has become one of the world's fastest growing countries in AI development, while tech giants are competing with each other for a bigger piece of the pie. The development of AI application scenarios varies significantly by industry, among which the financial industry has by far the most mature AI application while the manufacturing industry to be further involved. Geographically, Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen have established undisputed leadership in AI capabilities, while Hangzhou and Guangzhou are proactively catching up driven by local tech giants.

Liu Jianjun, general manager of strategy at Face++, delivered a keynote speech on "Industry IoT Concepts Driven by AI", in which he talked about how AI could inject vitality into IoT and envisaged a blueprint of future IoT.

Collin Jin, Deloitte China National Audit & Assurance Innovation Leader, shared insights on application of natural language process technology in financing and accounting. He elaborated on how AI can automatically extract, visualize, and analyze key information from online documents, enabling practitioners to focus on key sections and increase productivity. Making full use of the AI technology, enterprises will reveal more innovation potential to enhance business processes and bring in new insights.

Leo Ding and Andy Shi of Deloitte Consulting Product & Solution Center emphasized the increasingly important role of AI in outlet location selecting and HR strategical transformation from the perspective of company network location and HR application scenarios. Meanwhile, they shared insights on how AI can integrate multivariate data to drive more effective decision-making and facilitate overall assessment.

AI professionals gathered together with leaders from traditional businesses at the innovation forum to share advanced AI practices driven by innovation and discuss prospects for future application. Deloitte will continue to expand and strengthen its professional service capabilities to facilitate AI application in key business scenarios and help enterprises adapt to the market for future success.

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