Deloitte Green Pitch: Call for FoodTech startups

20 September 2019 | Shanghai

Deloitte Green Pitch is calling for FoodTech startups. In cooperation with WeWork Labs, we are looking for future leaders of the FoodTech industry. Selected companies will showcase their product or technology at Deloitte Green Pitch in Shanghai on Friday, 20 September. We will invite industry experts, innovation leaders or representatives from major corporates in the related industry to join us and explore future business opportunities together.

Deloitte actively builds extensive innovation ecosystem connections to support the growth of innovative enterprises across the globe. Selected companies from Deloitte Green Pitch will also have an opportunity to participate in Deloitte Italy FoodTech Accelerator. Every year, a number of foodtech companies are selected to the 15-week accelerator program, where they will work with major corporate partners to accelerate the implementation of innovative foodtech pilot projects and enter the global market. The accelerator is now recruiting FoodTech startups for 2019 program.

Are you ready to supercharge the future food ecosystem? We are.

About the pitch

Date: 20 September 2019 (Friday)
Location: Shanghai
Language: Chinese
Fee: Free

Who should apply

  • Already developed a proof of concept or first key metrics;
  • Wish to work with major industrial players on innovation project;
  • Focus on FoodTech or food retail, such as:
    • Quality & Traceability: Food Safety, Plant & Food Quality
    • Circular Economy: Sharing Economy, Foodwaste, Sustainable Packaging
    • Healthy Lifestyle: Precision Nutrition & Coaching, Meal Replacement & Supplement
    • Alternative ingredients: Plant based proteins, Invitro Cell Culture, Novel & Superfood
    • Agritech: Precision farming, Animal health, Vertical and indoor farming, Clean Commodities
    • Delivery transformation: Direct to consumer & Meal Kit, Digital Restaurants, New delivery vehicles
    • Omnichannel: Customer engagement & Smart packing, Digital Experience & Native Brands

Note: Startups that attended Deloitte Green Pitch has an option to participate in Italy FoodTech Accelerator however not required. The Italy FoodTech Accelerator selection will be conducted in English.

What you will get

  • Meet with large enterprises and investors to identify market opportunities;
  • Be included in Deloitte global startups database for more Deloitte innovation eventmarketing related opportunities;
  • A tech exhibitor booth in 2020 Deloitte Innovation Summit;
  • Selective Deloitte Startups Services option offering;
  • Winners in this competition will enter the semi-final list of FoodTech startups selection


*The dates and details are subject to change. Please refer to the application page for updates.

Apply now

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Contact us

If you have any enquiry about this competition, please contact:

Jinny Wang
Phone: +86 21 6141 2729

Italy FoodTech Accelerator

2018 FoodTech Accelerator

Last year, 7 out of 300 startups from 5 continents, 41 countries and regions were selected into the Accelerator to meet with mentors and pitch in Italy. The Accelerator invited 50 mentors with diverse backgrounds to facilitate growth of startups, covering agriculture, food processing, retail, finance, technology, PR, marketing and business development. The 7 startups worked closely with large enterprises in areas including technology validation, product development and market development.

2019 FoodTech Accelerator is now open to global startups:

For more information about Deloitte Italy FoodTech Accelerator, please visit

Co-organizer: WeWork Labs

WeWork Labs is The We Company’s global platform for early-stage startups and forward-thinking enterprise companies. It empowers inventive humans and organizations to impact the present and influence the future.

wework labs

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