Investing in Germany

A bilingual Guide for Chinese Investments in Germany

Chinese Investors, with (planned) investments in Germany get a comprehensive overview over the economic situation, M&A opportunities and regulatory aspects in Germany, both in English and Chinese language.

The guide provides a comprehensive overview over the economic environment, M&A opportunities and regulatory aspects in Germany tailored for the information needs of Chinese investors. It is published bilingual - in English and Chinese language and includes insights on certain industries that have in particular attracted Chinese investors in Germany in recent years such as automotive, real estate or the banking sector.

Executive Summary

China has recorded significant outbound investments and cross-border M&A transactions for consecutive years, whereof Germany remains one of the top target countries. A good understanding of the German economic and regulatory environment by the Chinese Investor can support the success of such cross-border investment. Therefore the bilingual guide-book provides a comprehensive overview about the economic system and situation in Germany, as well as insights into the company-, tax- and accounting-law.


Investment decision and information needs

Deciding about or managing an Investment outside the domestic market requires knowledge about the economic and regulatory environment of the target-market. For Investments by Chinese businesses Germany has shown to be one of the top target countries for several good reason. The Deloitte Chinese Services Group (CSG) presents a guide, which is written in English and Chinese to help obtaining an overview of the investment environment and business guidelines in Germany.

Economic Environment

In the first part of the publication it is dealt with the economic environment in Germany. Besides general information that hold for a wide range of industries, the publication gives deeper insights into the German automotive and real estate industry as they are especially attractive for Chinese investors.

Regulatory Environment

The second part of the publication is about the regulatory environment in Germany and is designed to give an understanding of the fundamental principles and rules of the German company law, German tax regulation, and labor law as well as accounting and auditing regulation. The section is rounded out by specific regulatory considerations for the banking industry in Germany. Throughout the whole publication the content focuses on the information needed by decision makers of Chinese Investors.


Deloitte's Global Chinese Services Group (GCSG) aims to advise Chinese companies who are expanding their global presence. This network is deployed in various countries and geographic regions with professionals possessing Chinese speaking capabilities and knowledge about China and Chinese companies so as to provide professional advice and comprehensive solutions to Chinese companies investing overseas. This guide-book was prepared through the joint efforts of the CSG team in Germany and the Deloitte German Desk in Shanghai.

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