Commercial Seed in China

Plow and Plant Today for Harvesting Tomorrow

Chemical Quarterly - 2012 Q2

Deloitte China Chemical industry team releases Chemical Quarterly on a regular basis to enhance Deloitte’s market eminence in chemical industry and assist our practitioners to better serve and develop clients. In the Chemical Quarterly, you will find the forward-looking points-of-view on numerous business lines such as materials science, crop science and environmental science etc.

This edition focuses on China's commercial seed industry with in-depth analysis. The article indicates that China's commercial seed sector is attractive and promising, yet active Chinese players need to ramp up urgently R&D in biotech seeds to anticipate increasing penetration of foreign products despite high entry barriers.

Key findings: 

  • Growing market demand, with low penetration of biotech seeds.
  • Highly fragmented industry as dominated by small-to-medium-sized domestic players, consolidation is underway.
  • R&D as the key lever for Chinese players to capture future value.
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