China Fertilizer

Growing into Compound & Sustainability

Chemical quarterly 2013 Q2

Agriculture is vitally important in China and the government is increasingly regulating agrochemicals for higher performance and environmental protection. The penetration of compound fertilizer is expected to increase due to favorable government policies with a targeted share of 40% in 2015 under the Fertilizer 12th Five-Year Plan. Based on the contrasted import/export dynamics to monitor by nutrient, report indicates that, although opportunities will be generated from compound fertilizer and sustainable solutions, domestic players urgently need to anticipate changes in international trade flow that may affect not only their export business but also their domestic market. From the supply structure  perspective, China fertilizer industry is highly fragmented except in K fertilizer. The Chinese fertilizer industry is going to face major challenges in the coming years. Superior sales & marketing capabilities will become even more critical to defend market share and protect margin.

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