New Innovation Champions in Automotive

Coping with Material & System Convergence

Chemical Quarterly - 2014 Q3

In order to cope with the competitive pressure and the requirement of an increasing rate of innovation, many companies are shifting from linear to exponential thinking, moving from a high degree of incremental in-house improvements of existing technologies and the current product portfolio with the existing suppliers, toward a disruptive way of innovating with new partners, technologies, and innovation methods. Classical innovation approaches can reach their limits by being overly focused on internal and existing products and customer. They typically take a narrow look at materials and neglect the fast changing external factors such as unmet needs, emerging technologies and new business models. Deloitte Advanced Materials Systems (AMS) framework presents a growth and innovation pathway in a combination of solutions for companies to target opportunities for innovation and invigorate value creation by igniting growth based on material-enabled solutions.

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