The Gyroscope in the Fluctuated Market of Bulk Commodity

How to realize Intelligent Enterprise-wide Risk Management

An application practice of market risk quantification techniques and intelligent risk management in resources trading enterprise.

The aggravated price fluctuation margin and the shortened fluctuation cycle in commodity market today set an even higher requirement for the management of enterprises with multi-service, multi-product, multi-level, cross-regional operation; metal resources industry which closely related with steel industry is undergoing unprecedented market risk shocks. 

This report provides suggestion to those resource-intensive manufacturing companies (such as steel companies) as well as the majority of resources trading enterprises on how to substantially enhance the enterprise’s management capabilities in risk responding and resource allocation by applying risk quantification techniques; and organically integrate the risk management and risk quantification into the company’s core operation via building the risk appetite system, and gradually realize the intelligent enterprise-wide risk management.

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