Transforming from World Factory to Smart Manufacturing

An Overview of the Development of Smart Manufacturing in China

Coauthored by Deloitte China, in collaboration with China Machinery Industry Federation (CMIF), this report provides an overview of the development of smart manufacturing in China based upon the findings of a survey of nearly 200 manufacturing companies, with perspectives from both manufacturing and application of smart equipment, as well as executive interviews and secondary research.

The report indicates that, with the deepening of China's economic restructuring, the demand of smart manufacturing to realize transformation and upgrading will gradually appear. China's advantage to develop smart manufacturing lies in market space, cost advantages as well as a deep understanding of the domestic market. However, it is also faced with challenges including talent, core technologies and supporting industries. Besides, there is a gap between current supporting policies and business needs.  The strategic view and planning on applying smart equipment by application enterprises are also to be further enhanced.

Chinese enterprises are recommended to work rapidly to develop a manufacturing strategy and deploy resources accordingly.  Other suggestions include making comprehensive assessments of the impact of rising labor costs, the efficiency of the enterprise and its potential of smart manufacturing; and optimizing processes gradually to achieve the best balance of manufacturing technology and human expertise.  As for China's smart equipment manufacturing companies, further increasing investment in R&D, and improving technology advancement and the reliability of their products, should be their focus at the current stage.

(Simplified Chinese version only)
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