Deloitte China Partner Paul Siu was conferred with 2015 Shanghai "Magnolia Gold Award"

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Deloitte China Partner Paul Siu was conferred with 2015 Shanghai "Magnolia Gold Award"

Deloitte China Partner Paul Siu won 2015 Shanghai "Magnolia Gold Award". This is an annual award of Shanghai Municipal Government to recognize foreign experts and friends who make outstanding contributions to the economic and social development, and international exchanges of Shanghai. On 30 September 2015, the municipal government held the Presentation Ceremony. This year, 11 foreign friends in total won the honor of "Magnolia Gold Award".

Paul Siu is the Managing Partner of Clients, Industries & Markets at Deloitte China. He leads Deloitte China's service teams to provide services of excellence to large SOEs, high-growth enterprises and MNCs operating in China, leveraging Deloitte's global network and local expertise across industries. He has also assisted a large number of enterprises with listings in HK, Mainland China, Canada and the U.S.. At the same time, he leads Deloitte's teams to assist enterprises in China and Shanghai in particular going global and provide strategy consulting, negotiating communication, risk alert, tax planning, and post-investment management services for cross-border M&As and overseas investment. Deloitte has helped the enterprises save large investment costs, conclude deals, and grow stronger in global competition.

Paul Siu actively connects well-known MNCs with Shanghai, helping Shanghai draw over those MNCs. Over 20 years ago, he already accompanied many foreign businesses on visits to Shanghai and other mainland cities. Now, he and his team have helped hundreds of foreign enterprises enter China, a large ratio of which have chosen Shanghai as headquarters. Over the years, he has been active in bringing forward suggestions on building Shanghai into "four centers". With his leadership, Deloitte has been a partner of "Lujiazui Forum" and "Boao Forum for Asia" and is a member of Shanghai International Financial Advisory Council. Meanwhile, Deloitte firmly supports Shanghai's government projects and has contributed to BRICS Development Bank locating in Shanghai and help Shanghai build the international financial center.

Apart from that, Paul Siu is also highly concerned about CSR and personally joins many CSR activities. He has been to underprivileged mountainous areas many times and visited the teachers and students at Deloitte hope schools. He and Deloitte China Management Team drafted the firm's CSR plan in detail, which encourages the firm's employees to join CSR activities and reinvests Deloitte's expertise and resources in most-needed areas such as education and environmental protection.

In 2013, Paul Siu was honored with the "Magnolia Silver Award" and "Shanghai Leading Talent Award". As a general rule, foreigners who have been recipients of "Magnolia Silver Award" for two years or above are eligible for applying for the "Magnolia Gold Award". Regarding the honor of "Magnolia Gold Award" this year, Paul Siu said, "I'm thankful to Shanghai municipal government and all sectors of the community for their recognition of Deloitte and me personally. I have the great honor of witnessing the rapid development of Shanghai in terms of economy, society and culture. And I cherish the opportunity of Deloitte being able to play a part in that. Together with Deloitte China as a whole, I will keep up my efforts and leverage Deloitte's expertise to contribute to Shanghai's economy and culture, helping our clients, employees and the society to make an impact."

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Paul Siu, Managing Partner of Clients, Industries & Markets, Deloitte China
Mayor of Shanghai Yang Xiong presented Paul Siu the "Magnolia Gold Award"
2015 presentation ceremony
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