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Deloitte Greenhouse obtains LEED Gold certification

Deloitte Greenhouse, the first of its kind in China, was recently certified as the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design - LEED Gold by U.S. Green Building Council.

The concept of environmental protection is reflected in the design of Deloitte Greenhouse as a whole. The south-facing wall of glass, for example, is effectively utilized to make better use of natural light. Moreover, the intelligent control system equipped in Greenhouse can help detect the in-active electronics and cut power supplies to ensure energy saving and environment protection.

Each area of Deloitte Greenhouse is specially designed to enable various options, aiming to create a comfortable atmosphere for the visitors to stay and inspire them with innovative thinking. One such area is the Park, where real green plants are grown to generate oxygen so that the visitors can refresh and relax. The high tech facilities, along with their industry application, are displayed in Greenhouse to open the visitors' minds towards future. All function rooms are equipped with writable walls and desks for the visitors to mark down their ideas at any time, and also available for pre-setting the facilitation process based on agenda. The meeting facilitators in Greenhouse will guide visitors to collaborate via iPad without using any paper or pen.

Apart from these hardware, Deloitte Greenhouse also leverages software and apps to achieve environmental protection and sustainable growth. By using the latest facial recognition technology, plastic cards are no longer needed for check-in. The visitors make their own efforts for environmental protection at the same time of experiencing fun and interesting technology. What's more, the experts abroad can even access "in person" with Beam robot by using WIFI and apps only, without spending dozens of hours in international flights.

As a globally recognized certification system, LEED Gold certification has endorsed Deloitte China Greenhouse for its outstanding performance in energy saving and environmental conservation. Deloitte will stick to its business vision of "High Value, High Tech, High Touch", and endeavour to create high value and provide top quality services and experiences to our clients and society by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and innovations.

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