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Deloitte's news in WEF's Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2017

27 - 29 June 2017, Dalian, China

Premier sends positive business signal

On the first day of the Summer Davos, Deloitte China Leaders shared their views on key topics relating to "Industrial Revolution 4.0" and "Inclusive Growth" in interviews with China Global Television Network (CGTN) (previously known as CCTV News), Xinhua News Agency, China Business News, China Daily and

Deloitte Global Chinese Services Group Chairman Rosa Yang stated that in the morning keynote speech, Premier Li emphasized the "unemployment rate" as a critical indicator of economic development. This is aligned with the principle of inclusive growth, which is founded upon an emphasis on people and equality. At the same time, the government encourages using the two pillars of innovation and entrepreneurship to drive technological revolution and increase job opportunities. Currently, Chinese enterprises have demonstrated a strong innovative ability, as the diverse developments in their innovative business models show. Going forward, we expect to see more enterprises partake in innovation and collaborate with each other to improve China's overall competitiveness.

Deloitte Deputy CEO Paul Siu pointed out that according to Deloitte Research, foreign enterprises have found the business environment in China to be ever more challenging over the past few years. Despite this, they continue to hold an optimistic view towards the upward trend in China's growth rate. Premier Li also mentioned in his speech the importance of seeing domestic and foreign enterprises as equals. By lowering the tax levy, this sends an encouraging signal to foreign enterprises.



Deloitte Global Chinese Services Group Chairman Rosa Yang was interviewed by China Global Television Network (CGTN)

Video source: ChinaGlobal Television Network (CGTN)

In addition, Rosa Yang believes that under the support of policies such as the Belt and Road Initiatives, the trend of enterprises investing in overseas capital will remain unchanged. In fact, the Belt and Road Initiatives is precisely a positive reflection of inclusive growth, as it can help countries along the Belt to strengthen their infrastructure, as well as to accelerate the standard of local economic development.

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