Deloitte Cyber’s Proactive Cyber Incident Response (CIR)

Be prepared for the inevitable

Cyber security is costly and it will continue to escalate due to rigorous regulatory requirements, as well as the need to conduct post-breach investigations and implement business recovery plans. Instead of a traditional reactive approach, employing a proactive incident response readiness plan can help you to discover and contain threats much earlier and save costs.

Improve your security posture by shifting your mindset from focusing on defensive measures to incorporating proactive elements along different phases of the incident response lifecycle before an inevitable cyber incident occurs. 


An end-to-end approach to address your key cybersecurity concerns

External Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Monitoring

Cyber security products such as anti-virus software alone cannot protect your organisation against third-party risks and prevent the increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks. Our External CTI Monitoring solution helps you stay ahead of cyber trends by monitoring a wide range of public and commercial information and intelligence sources, including data exposure on the dark web and underground forums.

24/7 Cyber Incident Response Retainer

Our integrated cyber incident response team can provide 24/7 support to help with the initial triage and containment of the incident, helping the management team determine the most appropriate course of action quickly. Additional specialist support services may then be required during the course of an incident to help contain, analyse or remediate the incident fully.

Endpoint Threat Hunting

Our Compromise Assessment & Threat Hunting is a technical breach detection service that can help you to proactively detect if your IT environment has already been compromised by hidden malware and whether the attacker is still in your environment. We offer flexible service options including one-time compromise assessment as well as 24/7 managed detection & response (MDR) to fit your needs.

IR Plan & Playbooks Development

We can help tailor and enhance your incident response plan and develop effective playbooks to address different cyberattack scenarios. The material development will follow multiple industry standards on IR, and be aligned with your cybersecurity strategy, ITSM, Crisis Management and BCM processes, while meeting your regulatory requirements.

Cyber War-Gaming & Executive Cyber Boot-Camp

Our cyber simulation and war-gaming exercises immerse participants in a simulated and interactive cyberattack scenario, allowing organisations to test their response reflexes, identify capability gaps, and train on and develop advanced preparedness techniques. We also deliver war-gaming sessions to equip management teams, related stakeholders or non-technical staff with a cybersecurity conscious culture.

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