Embracing the New HKMA Cyber Fortification Initiative (CFI)

Time to put cybersecurity in action

Three pillars to uplift Cyber Resilience

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) finalized and announced the implementation details of the Cybersecurity Fortification Initiative (CFI) on 21 December 2016. The CFI program consists of three key pillars aiming to improve the cyber resilience of Authorized Institutions (AI):

Cyber Resilience Assessment Framework

Inherent Risk Assessment (Low / Medium / High) – an assessment on AI’s overall cyber risk exposures based on defined criteria measurements that reflects the values, types, volumes and complexity of its business operations
Cyber Maturity Assessment (Baseline / Intermediate / Advanced) – a comprehensive control assessment program defining the targeted control requirements for different maturity levels with 7 key cyber domains

The AI is required to determine the targeted cyber maturity state/status based on the inherent risk assessment result and conduct the maturity assessment. Based on the gaps identified, the AI is expected to analyze, summarize and prioritize their improvement actions through a roadmap
Intelligence-led Cyber Attack Simulation Testing (iCAST)
An end-to-end cyber-attack simulation testing framework aiming to evaluate AI’s capability to identify and respond to cyber-attacks based on intelligence-led cyber-attack scenarios
[For Medium and High risk institutions only]

Professional Development Programme (PDP)

Vocational training and certification programme – An program developed in partnership with the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers (HKIB) aiming to increase the supply of qualified cybersecurity professionals in Hong Kong.

Cyber Intelligence Sharing Platform (CISP)

A new element of financial market infrastructure is developed in partnership with the Hong Kong Association of Banks (HKAB) to allow inter-bank sharing of cyber threat intelligence in order to enhance collaboration and systemic resilience.


Knowing where you are in the C-RAF assessment implementation

Taking into consideration resources availability and overseas experience, the HKMA had adopted a phased approach to implement the C-RAF assessments where around 30 AIs (i.e. all major retail banks, selected global banks and smaller AIs) were selected for the first phase rollout to complete the Cyber Inherent Risk Assessment and maturity assessment by September 2017 and iCAST by June 2018 (if applicable).

C-RAF assessment components

First Phase

2nd Phase

Inherent Risk Assessment

By September 2017

By December 2018

Maturity Assessment

By September 2017

By December 2018


By June 2018

To be determined by HKMA


How Deloitte helps you put cybersecurity into action

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