Deloitte Cyber and Forcepoint launch Data Loss Prevention-as-a-Service (DLPaaS) to provide end-to-end data protection for Hong Kong Businesses

Available with immediate effect: Deloitte Cyber partners with Forcepoint to provide the first Data Loss Prevention-as-a-Service (DLPaaS)

Published: 13 May 2021

Deloitte Cyber and Forcepoint have today launched Data Loss Prevention-as-a-Service to provide businesses in Hong Kong with a fast, cost-effective capability for data loss prevention. The solution will use behavioural analytics to reduce the possibility of data breaches and protect businesses from insider threat. 

Data security is an evolving challenge and businesses are currently struggling with the pace of change in international data protection regulations, as well as the resources required to prevent data loss. Digital transformation and the associated adoption of new technologies makes it increasingly difficult for businesses to stay on top of the situation and data breaches are becoming more common as a result. Added to this is the uncertainty that comes with human behavior.

In response to these problems, Deloitte Cyber Hong Kong and Forcepoint have teamed up to provide an end-to-end solution to support organizations implement data security solutions. Data Loss Prevention-as-a-Service (DLPaas) is a managed service that will enforce behavior-centric policies to minimize breaches, deliver continuous monitoring of customers’ data assets and IP, and secure regulated data. The service will shift protection and prevention of data from an event-centric to a risk-centric approach, with near real-time enforcement.

The Deloitte managed Data Loss Prevention service, powered by Deloitte Cyber Intelligence Center (CIC) and built on Forcepoint technology, helps businesses to focus on productivity and growth. Deloitte will help to monitor, identify and mitigate risky behaviors to keep business and privacy data secure. 

Puneet Kukreja, Partner, Deloitte China Cyber said, "The pandemic has accelerated the need for digital growth and customer-centric services which means that securing customer and employee data is not just a compliance task, it is an ethical, moral and corporate social responsibility. Boards and executives must make a conscious effort to secure customer data and reactive solutions are no longer enough. Advanced Data Loss Prevention and User Behaviour Analytics enables proactive security of data anywhere."

Talib Yousry, Channel Director Asia Pacific at Forcepoint said, “Deloitte continues to demonstrate their innovative leadership with this, the first DLPaaS for the Hong Kong market. Forcepoint is proud to partner with Deloitte on this unique and highly relevant service which promises to secure and protect Hong Kong businesses and enterprises from today’s evolving cyber threats. With Forcepoint’s unique behavioral analytics built into the offering, organizations will gain visibility and control of risky behaviors within their networks, and receive proactive prevention to get ahead of data loss.”

Across the APAC region organizations have been struggling with data protection. The new DLPaaS offering not only rapidly delivers data protection outcomes today, but also sets organizations up with a strategic outlook to provide protection into the future, even as the data protection landscape changes.


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Puneet Kukreja
Lead Cyber Cloud Partner
Deloitte China Cyber

Brad Lin
Deloitte China Cyber

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