Available with immediate effect: Deloitte Cyber is teaming up with Palo Alto Networks to enhance endpoint services with Cortex XDR

Deloitte Cyber Cloud is teaming together with Palo Alto Networks to provide Hong Kong customers a rapid response service which includes assessment to determine whether their organization have been compromised by threat of Solarwinds. This service is leveraging Palo Alto Networks' Cortex XDR platform together with Deloitte Cyber Intelligence Center (CIC).

SolarWinds a software company with over 300,000 customers issued a notification that potentially 18,000 customers downloaded a flagship product which may have been infected with a malicious code that gives threat actors backdoor access into their systems. 

If you are considering whether your organization has been impacted by the recent attacks, you must take steps to assess your current risk both as a direct target but also a member of your broader ecosystem. 

"Before you can respond to your executive sponsors, you need to determine whether you or other members of your ecosystem experienced a compromise, narrow down your view of the attack surface, and identify potential points of entry. A rapid compromise assessment to map out an organization's attack surface and tailored incident response services are available immediately”, said Puneet Kukreja, Leader, Deloitte Cyber Cloud Hong Kong.

"It is our top priority to protect our customers from SolarWinds attacks leveraging the joint experience, the industry intelligence, and the services by Deloitte Cyber Cloud and Palo Alto Networks. An assessment will quickly determine if customers have been compromised by leveraging our alliance Deloitte Cyber Cloud incident response team. We want to let you know that we are here to help and want to make sure you have all the resources and information you need. Please visit details of the SolarStorm rapid response program” said Bryan Yeung, Director, Channel Sales, Palo Alto Networks Greater China.

If you’re under pressure to minimize the impact of a current cyber incident or would like the options available to you when considering concentration risks, or simply to enhance your preparedness to weather future threats, contact Deloitte Cyber Cloud and Palo Alto networks.

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