Thoughts on ESG Assurance

Deloitte Risk Advisory Partner, @Melissa Fung, was interviewed by Sing Tao Daily on 9 August, 2021, providing her professional insights on independent #ESG assurance following recent hearsay that the Hong Kong institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA) is proposing to make it mandatory.

In the article, Melissa differentiates the assurance of traditional financial statements from ESG assurance, citing various challenges companies can face, such as ensuring accurate disclosures of complex carbon emission data. She also explores the dramatic shift in narrative around independently assured ESG reports from being the domain of large companies to a surge in small to medium-sized companies looking for their disclosures to be independently assured, which will drive increasing emphasis on the importance of independent ESG assurance.

Read the full article here (available in Chinese only):

(星島日報)【獨家】ESG報告獨立驗證 會計師會倡強制要求 | 星島日報 (

(星島日報) 23家藍籌公司已獨立驗證ESG | 星島日報 (

Article Source: Sing Dao Daily

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