Gaining ground: A digital path to third-party oversight

Third-party risk management (TPRM) global survey 2021

Participation in Deloitte's global survey on Third-Party Risk Management ("TPRM") has grown over the past six years to a record high of 1,170 responses from more than 30 countries in 2021.

Explore key findings from the sixth edition of the survey to understand in detail the current trends and companies' challenges relating to TPRM, including the impact of the global pandemic and of digital advancement.


Our key findings

1. Many organizations are still responding to the global pandemic

Organizations are taking longer than expected to respond to the pandemic, which has slowed their ability to recover and thrive.  Many companies aspired to increase the maturity of their TPRM practices after assessing the full range of their vulnerabilities to their third-parties.  Those that underinvested in TPRM faced more high-impact third-party incidents than those that did invest.

2. Risk intelligence is a key funding priority

The focus on technology-enabled risk intelligence provides a more immediate opportunity for organizations to adopt more integrated and effective TPRM practices, in particular with respect to real-time monitoring of third-parties.

3. Digital risks are a top concern

Digital risks, arising from increasingly digitized ways of working, are a top emerging concern, as respondents recognize the undesirable aspects of technology adoption and transformation.

4. Cost pressures are preventing insourcing

Many organizations still feel significant pressure to save costs by continuing to outsource business activities, even when they have credible concerns about process failures or loss of control that can result from outsourcing.


How we help our clients

We help many organizations manage the critical risks associated with their third-party relationships through a wide range of service offerings.

We assist organizations with assessing the capability of their existing TPRM practices and with developing bespoke TPRM frameworks (covering governance, people, process and technology) to manage third-party risk and realize potential value in their extended enterprises. 

Our experienced team also advises on third-party risk, contract and performance management, as well as technology to enable and implement third-party management practices. 

We also support organizations with operating different elements of the third-party risk management lifecycle on their behalf, through our global managed services solution.  This covers all aspects of third-party management activity, including third-party selection, contracting, monitoring and exit, making use of technology tools (i.e. contract discovery, contract clause extraction and risk sensing).

Please download our 2021 global third-party risk management survey for more information. 

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