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Unlock the potential of data | Cyber Data & Privacy capabilities in Asia Pacific

Publish date: 30 January 2023

Managing privacy and personal data are complex, and the consequences of getting them wrong are significant. A large-scale violation of privacy through the misuse, loss or breach of data will result in widespread loss of trust and a number of other serious commercial, reputational, legal and regulatory consequences.

The upside of getting it right is the ability to use personal data responsibly to enable business opportunities and enhance trust. Building trust through responsible and ethical data use is fundamental for the sustainable success of any organisation.

Recent technological advances mean that organisations process, and have access to, more data than ever before. The exponential data growth in an increasingly digitalised world, coupled with the new working model reshaped by COVID, have brought more privacy and data protection challenges. Across Asia Pacific, privacy and data protection legislations are evolving fast and rules are getting stricter. These challenges need to be incorporated into new or existing processes and might add additional layers of complexity. Topics such as cross-border data transfers, data localisation, the application of artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are all demanding ever-increasing attention of senior leadership. While the focus is understandably on being compliant with legislation, at Deloitte we also see the opportunities that these challenges bring.

Deloitte’s Data & Privacy capability offers a suite of innovative, end-to-end services and solutions to transform data management and security, address opportunities and challenges, and drive insights. We support organisations in revamping their privacy capabilities beyond just compliance – we help them reap the benefits of their data in an increasingly data driven world, while increasing operational efficiencies and enhancing trust. Please check out the brochure on the right for more information on Deloitte's Cyber Data & Privacy capabilities."

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