How to Deploy a Cloud Strategy When MNCs Enter China?

Over decades of rapid economic development, China's unique market space and innovative atmosphere have been highly attractive to overseas enterprises. China’s unique digital marketplace continues to attract multinational companies' (MNCs’) creation of new China presences. In cooperation with global clients, Deloitte has developed a deep understanding of how organizations in different industries and at various stages of development face the same challenges in exploring the Chinese market. Therefore, MNCs need a China cloud strategy to overcome the business challenges they face in this market.

At the beginning of 2018, based on Alibaba Cloud products, Deloitte designed the application optimization solution for MNC clients.

Shortly after the program launch, Deloitte and Alibaba Cloud jointly held a number of seminars around the theme of "MNCs Go China" which showcased Deloitte's capabilities in providing optimized solutions for MNC clients leveraging Alibaba Cloud as a platform with efficiency, stability and other advantages, etc for MNC clients. Both parties could strongly support MNC clients to expand their business in China and around the world.


Why "Go China"?
“Digital” China continuously drives technical innovation in domestic cloud market, attracts MNCs’ creation of new China presences, and places greater demands on cloud adoption.

Deloitte-Alibaba Cloud Collaboration:
By integrating Deloitte's leading end-to-end cloud and cyber solutions, deep industry know-how, and strong global business network with Alibaba Cloud's robust cloud infrastructure, comprehensive offerings, and a powerful digital ecosystem, Deloitte and Alibaba Cloud can help MNCs develop a robust multi-cloud strategy.

Major milestones of the collaboration between Deloitte and Alibaba Cloud on MNCs Go China Program:

In March 2019, Mr. Stanley Dai, Deloitte Consulting's National Managing Partner announced the global strategic collaboration together with senior executives of Alibaba Cloud.

In July 2019, at Alibaba Cloud Summit Shanghai, Deloitte's Cloud Service Lead Partner, Michael Liu, was invited to co-launch the China Gateway Program with Alibaba Cloud and other global partners. Deloitte has officially became global partner of Alibaba Cloud's China Gateway Program featuring on its China Gateway homepage.

To help our clients understand Deloitte's MNCs Go China Program better, Deloitte's MNCs Go China Program Overview Brochure is published. It outlines Deloitte and Alibaba Cloud's strong joint cloud solutions and capabilities in helping MNCs develop a robust multi-cloud strategy and utilizes use cases to demonstrate the possible advantages in connectivity, cyber security, performance and scalability of the cloud solutions.

Alibaba Cloud is one of the leading cloud service providers in China and globally. MNCs can utilize Alibaba Cloud's global network to gain a high speed downloading and website loading experience.

Deloitte's China Cyber Security Law ("CSL") Services can help MNCs on compliance from architecture and governance perspectives and Alibaba Cloud’s security solutions can be leveraged to address most CSL compliance challenges.

Performance and Scalability:
Alibaba Cloud offers a comprehensive product portfolio featuring high performance, high scalability and competitive pricing and Deloitte’s tool, ATADATA, can be leveraged to automate Alibaba Cloud migration.

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