Crunch Time II

CFO's Talk Off the Record

As a follow-up to our Point of View (POV), Crunch Time: Finance in a Digital World we are releasing a companion report titled Crunch time, too. CFOs talk off the record about Finance in a digital world.

Based on interviews with 30 finance executives on the topic of digital finance transformation, Crunch time, too provides a unique glimpse into what CFOs themselves are thinking about finance and what it means to make the digital journey.

Topics included:

  • CFOs talk digital
  • CFOs talk data
  • CFOs talk business models
  • CFOs talk analytics
  • CFOs talk talent
  • CFOs talk real time
  • CFOs talk business partnering
  • CFOs talk apps
  • CFOs talk agility
  • CFOs talk transformation
  • CFOs talk technology
  • CFOs talk risk

(English version)
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